Paige And Brooke Will Not Return To Dance Moms! Plus Kelly Hyland Accuses Producers Of Child Abuse

Kelly Hyland, Paige Hyland, Brooke Hyland

Dance Moms has officially gone too far. After Kelly Hyland snapped and yanked Abby Lee Miller's bumpit, she was arrested and did not appear on the most recent episode. 

Those expecting a return of Paige and Brooke for the rest of the season will unfortunately be disappointed, because Kelly vs. Abby was all too real and the girls are officially done with the show. Paige confirmed it on twitter. 

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After the episode aired Kelly filed a $5 million dollar lawsuit against Abby and the producers alleging that Abby physically intimidated her and she only slapped her in self defense. In documents pertaining to the suit, uncovered by The Hollywood Reporter, more information about Kelly, Paige, and Brooke's experiences on the show are revealed. And yikes – this show is even worse than we imagined! 


Kelly filed suit against Collins Avenue Entertainment (the producers) in LA Superior Court, in which Kelly gives details about her relationship with Abby and how the show changed. Specifically, it seems, during or after the second season. As a viewer, I'll attest to that!

The documents state "the children on the show were being subjected to abusive and unlawful working conditions.” Kelly says they worked long hours without breaks – hours which violate the Pennsylvania labor laws!

After season 2 Kelly became concerned with the direction the show was proceeding and how it was negatively affecting her daughters. As a result she began complaining about the burdens being placed on her children and tried to leave the show. Kelly even had her attorneys get involved, but was threatened she'd be sued for “everything she owned if she attempted to back out of the contract.” Abby herself confirmed that she wanted to get rid of Kelly, but their contracts prevented this. 

Kelly also became increasingly concerned over Abby's treatment of the girls. “Miller screams at the girls in front of the other dancers, moms and production crew,” reads the suit, “causing them to cry, and then Miller derides them for being emotionally weak when they do. Miller even tossed a chair during a confrontation with Paige." The suit charges that Abby is indeed abusive, behaves "like a drill sergeant" and bullies her students.

Kelly claims the increased abrasiveness was all orchestrated by producers to amp up drama and therefore ratings, but unfortunately the girls have been the victims in all of this. Kelly's suit states that Paige, 13, began to suffer from "anxiety and have panic attacks," and a counselor at her school “concluded Paige was being bullied by Miller.”

Kelly also says she found some of the routines and costumes worn by the girls offensive and inappropriate. She cites an episode where the group number featured "a burlesque style dance routine where Miller directed the girls to make inappropriate gestures to their breasts and crotch." Kelly says several of the mothers complained – and so did the viewers! – that it was an attempt to "sexualize" the girls. Kelly states as a response to the criticism from the media and viewers Lifetime no longer airs that episode as part of the series when reruns are shown. 

Kelly also accuses the producers of bribing the girls to cooperate and accept the maltreatment. Oh boy. Kelly cites Nia being singled out for racially charged roles. Additionally, Kelly alleges an "African-American girl" was subjected to "racial hostility" and after complaints were raised "the girls on the show were given iPads by the producers as gifts." She does not state who the girl is in question. 

Even worse Kelly says the show once employed a choreographer who was later charged with "child sexual assault and possession of child pornography." EEKS! 

Kelly's physical altercation with Abby does not seem to be the sole basis for the suit, but is at the center of it because she claims producers set her up to be arrested to add drama. Kelly states after she slapped Abby, Abby called the police. However before police arrived producers whisked her away from the scene. She believes producers hoped a warrant would be issued for her arrest because it would “make for intensely dramatic television.”

Kelly maintains she was repeatedly provoked. After the incident she states she "voluntarily" went to the police where she was arrested and released without bail. Abby then showed up at Kelly's arraignment, apparently with TMZ and Lifetime cameras present, where she called Kelly an unfit mother!  

Kelly cites this as defamation of character and points out other instances such as the numerous times Abby labeled her an alcoholic – including during an appearance on The View! Not to mention all the horrendous things Abby says about the moms to their daughters on the show. Brutal. 

Finally Kelly says she quit the fourth season (the season currently airing) but was asked by producers to return sporadically and for certain episodes. Kelly says they were never paid for this participation. In addition camera crews damaged the floors in her house and she was never compensated for the damage which she claims is about $21,000. Ummmm… are her floors made with the hide of baby pandas?

Kelly's suit states that the show caused her and her daughters to suffer "emotional distress, anxiety, frustration, anger, humiliation and anguish." 

Abby still maintains that she did nothing wrong and it's all Kelly's fault. 

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