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Brandi Glanville did a quick interview on Hello Ross last night to dish about her feud with Lisa Vanderpump, her legal money issue with Eddie Cibrian, taping the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion (including why Joyce Giraud should be in Russia), her sons and more! 

Let me start by giving her a little credit – this is not a flattering picture, trust me that Brandi was looking good on the show last night.  Her hair is a softer blonde now and that "filler puff" is going away a little more each time we see her.  The photo angle is bad, but her outfit was cuter than it looks here and the color was good on her. 

Ross starts off with: "Your ex-husband is suing you for…"

Brandi: "Money"

Ross: "Child support?  So, you marry a big TV star and you give up your modeling career."  As Ross says "big TV star" Brandi makes a face and sort of shakes her head "no" at that part and he asks about it.  She says "then why does he want MY money?" 


Ross agrees and says "Every time I see him, he's on a beach in Hawaii with LeAnn Rimes! Does he NEED your money?" 

Brandi: "No, they vacation constantly.  I don't know!"  Brandi clarifies "He's denying that he's suing me for child support and says it's alimony but it's actually combined child support and alimony." 

Ross: "Are you guys gonna work it out?"

Brandi: "Our lawyers are!"

Ross asks, "How are things with Leann and Brandi?" And Brandi shares, "It's just Eddie and I.  You know what, it's fine.  I don't have any interactions with her.   When I see her I say 'hiii'". 

Ross asks if before the cheating if she ever owned a LeAnn Rimes CD.  "No, I'm a gangster rap girl." 

Ross reveals that the number one thing his Twitter followers want to know is what is the deal with Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump.  "You used to be friends and now it's like – are you bringing her down? That's what she's saying."

Brandi:  "I love her. I can't not love Pumpy. I call her Pumpy. But I'm hurt by some of the things she did. I felt like i was an employee at SUR and I'm not."

Ross: "Why is there so much drama around you? you are the common denominator and let's do the math. Are you f***ing nuts? "

Brandi laughs and says "Yes, I am. I have to be."

Ross then grills her about the Beverly Hills cast doing a music video with Lady Gaga and that Brandi was the only one who didn't participate.  Brandi won't answer the question directly on whether or not she was invited to do it or not.  "I have enough feuds going on right now do you really think i need a feud with Gaga?"  Ross says "yes", but Brandi says, "No! I love Gaga" . 

Ross: "Were your feelings hurt that you weren't asked?"

Brandi: "That's not what I said, I said that I love gaga."  And when Ross prods more, she just says "Gaga".  She won't budge on this one. 

Then Ross moves on to Brandi's new book.  He tells her it was a fun read and giggles about her booty call rules.  He says he's never had a bootie call in his life.  And she says, "You're gay, your life is a booty call"  and she explains "because everything you do is with your booty".  He tells her that her logic is so scrambled by making a noise and a hand gesture. 

Brandi explains the booty call rules include no kissing, you know, "like in Pretty Woman".  And Ross exclaims, "That's for a HOOKER!"  Brandi says, "What do you think a booty call is? You're just there to get off. That's it."  Ross replies, "I don't know. I have never really had one." 

He lets an audience member ask a question.  "Now that your kids are growing up do you feel you have to act a certain way? Or hold back on things?"  

Brandi says, "Have you seen the blogs? No, I'm kidding.  I feel like my kids are amazing, well rounded human beings.  We're not going to be normal.  Their lives are not normal.  They spend half the time on a tour bus with their stepmom and the other half with me being chased by paparazzi.  There's nothing normal about that but they're healthy and they're happy."   That really didn't answer the question, but moving on…

On the reunion filming "it was like couch torture.  We were crying and laughing and Joyce was ice skating and it was crazy. The worst thing about the reunion that we just shot, was her (Joyce's) freaking outfit. She had like an ice skating dress on. I'm like 'bitch, Sochi's calling'."  Ross asks, "Did you bring it?"  Brandi confirms, "You know I did." 


P.S.  We know that not all bloggers were able to catch the show.  We don't mind that you use Reality Tea's transcription, but a link back crediting us with it is appreciated.  We do tend to clean up the extra unnecessary words and things, so we do recognize when our version is used. 

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