Farrah Abraham Supports Sophia Getting Plastic Surgery; Plus, Did She Lie About Her House On Being Farrah?

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This week us lucky ducks get a double-dose of Farrah Abraham! First on the MTV special (is it fair to call something that tragic and terrible "special" which implies good?) Being Farrah and then again on Couples Therapy. Woooh! 

And since two hours of Farrah on my TV this week are not enough we get to hear even more about her shenanigans in the media. Oh joy! First up, since Farrah likes loves plastic surgery something awful, she is totally fine with her 5-year-old daughter getting it in the future. Like she might have to get Sophia's binky surgically removed!

"I have to say, we very much believe that we are pretty,” Farrah tells Radar Online. “We are secure people. But if there’s something that she can’t live with, then yes go for it!” This from the woman who waxed her three-year-old's eyebrows

Farrah does agree Sophia should wait until she's an adult to get nipped and tucked. “If she would like to do that, she’s her own adult," she rambles. "And … if it’s for a real reason.”


Farrah also defends her own plastic surgeries, which she got for real reasons. “I envisioned myself looking one way and I changed it,” Farrah explains. “And I’m still happy and I don’t b***h about my looks anymore.” Farrah got a couple boob jobs, a nose job, a chin plant (which she had removed), and many injections. Of many kinds. Farrah says she's not doing anymore surgery for a while though. Just maintenance. 

Checking in with more Farrah delusions – on Being Farrah she bragged about buying a fabulous home in Austin, TX for her, Sophia, with a guest house for abusive parent Michael

However the eagle-eyed reviewers over at Jezebel noticed something: that Farrah was likely renting the home because there in her bedroom was  a "framed promotional poster for Scott Felder Homes." Meaning Farrah probably rented or borrowed a staged model home for the momentous occasion of showing off all over her amazing success. 

Unfortunately there were more slip-ups in Farrah's story. She told producer Heather, her "friend" that she had only moved into the house a week before filming. And on the first week in December, Michael confirmed on Facebook two things: 1) they were filming a show and 2) they were moving. 


There is more: Jezebel did side-by-side comparisons of Farrah's "home" and the model home and points out that the staging is exactly the same as the model featured on the builder's website for that model. I mean exactly staged right down the furniture and window treatments. You can check out the side-by-sides on Jezebel. 

There's some controversy about whether or not Farrah's sex tapes netter her the massive seven-figure deal she claims and whether or not she could afford a $500,000 plus home. However a commenter on the original article claimed to have checked the Travis County records for the address of Farrah's house and it has her listed as the owner.

Last year Farrah said she was building her own house in Austin. Maybe her home wasn't done yet and they "borrowed" the model home for filming? Or Perhaps she bought it furnished? Or perhaps she's having trouble with the truth again? 

Definitely check out Jezebel and see the photos for yourself! 

[Photo Credit: Brian To/WENN.com]