Teen Mom 2’s Courtland Rogers Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest


Well, I'm not going to say this is at all surprising. No sooner had Jenelle Evans' husband gotten released from prison that there is now a warrant issued for his arrest. It's shocking to me that the Teen Mom 2 star wants to divorce Courtland Rogers when the pair clearly has so much in common. Bonding over multiple jail stints totally should have been the strong foundation on which to build their marriage. 

But, alas, Courtland is likely on his way back to big house due to recent antics…and by antics, I mean stealing from a friend who was trying to help him get into treatment. Don't bite the hand feeds you, Courtland! It seems that his pal Katie McMillan invited him into her home at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and hoped to get him help for his addiction issues. He repaid her by stealing, and subsequently trying to pawn, her jewelry.


On the bright side, Katie's now getting to tell her story to Radar Online! She tells the site, “I was trying to help [Courtland] get into a treatment program and had even talked with a doctor. He was telling me he wanted to get sober and get away from drugs. I figured out he didn’t want any help after a few days. In the last text he sent me, he said he was going to pick up his money. That’s when he left my house and never came back. I now know he meant going to pawn my stuff."

Of her stolen jewelry, Katie explains, “He knew I was going out of town the next day and he couldn’t stay at my house. I think he was hoping I wouldn’t notice my stuff was gone before I left. I definitely noticed it was gone shortly after. It was the stuff I considered sentimental. Two of the rings he did take were actually the most sentimental things I own. They are both rings from each of my grandmothers.”

She continues, “I contacted the police and never said anything to him. I found out he had a history with pawning things and his mother had even gone to pawn shops to tell them not to let him pawn anything. I thought considering that, there was a chance [Courtland] couldn’t pawn it and still had it on him. I wanted the police to have the chance to get it back. If he thought I knew it was gone he might get rid of it somewhere and I’d never get it back," adding, "I can’t believe he did that to me. I was letting him stay in my house, trying to help him get help and even fed him and bought him groceries."

If authorities conclude that the rings are valued at more than $1,000, Courtland could be looking at a charge of felony larceny which could land him back in the slammer on a more permanent basis. Katie reveals, “He told me if he got charged with one more felony, he would get an automatic 20 years in prison and be considered a ‘habitual felon."

Kids, to quote my favorite gang of teens ever from the illustrious Bayside High, "There's no hope with dope."


[Photo Credit: Twitter]