Farrah Abraham Accused Of Stealing New Music Single Blowin’

Farrah Abraham

Is there anything genuine about Farrah Abraham?!? She seriously can't even release epically bad music without lying or screwing someone. 

In case you missed it, Farrah released her new music single Blowin last week. The song is horrendous. The video is worse. But this is Farrah the Faker we're talking about – we watched, we snarked, and we went about our day. We do not expect greatness (not even kinda good) from this former Teen Mom star. 

So imagine my surprise when a second person claimed Farrah stole the song from him. Someone actually wants credit for Blowin? Ummm.. okay then.


Singer-songwriter Adam Barta said he developed the song – originally a duet titled Bully – with Farrah

Adam said he was shocked when Farrah put out Blowin. According to him, he owns 45% of the song and he did not receive credit or compensation for his part. So Adam when public with a copy of a brainstorming session, which maps out parts for both of them in the music video, and a copy of the signed contract.

Per the signed agreement:  "the song is  duet"  and  "neither artist will publicly perform the song without prior approval of the other"  and  “any responsibility that is not fulfilled by either party would be considered breach of contract.”

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Farrah's rep claimed, “We are not currently aware of any legal issues. To the extent that there are any, we will address them if necessary.”

Adam alleged Farrah demanded he "dress like a celebrity" when they worked together.  Then, once the song was done, she avoided him.  Farrah even complained about Adam hitting on her as one excuse. FYI: Adam's openly gay.

I totally believe Farrah got what she needed from Adam (someone with music knowledge who can spell/write, unlike her) and then she finished the project behind his back. Besides.. why would anyone admit to participating in Blowin unless they were due a paycheck? 


Photo Credit: VH1