UPDATED: Did Kenya Moore Fake Her Dog Velvet’s Death For A Real Housewives of Atlanta Storyline?

Kenya Moore with dog Velvet RHOA s6

Recently the rumor mill has been swirling that a certain Krayonce Moore may or may not have faked her dog Velvet's death for some attention!

Media Takeout (we know, we know) is positing "evidence" that Kenya stashed Velvet with her assistant Brandon DeShazer in order to drum up a juicy sympathy storyline for Real Housewives of Atlanta about Velvet getting mauled.


Kenya is apparently tired of being given the villain edit! Brandon was spotted with the Yorkie about 6 months ago in LA and according to sources "to this day… Brandon still [h]as that dog." Which sources stipulate looks strikingly similar to the supposed deceased Velvet

More convincing evidence is this instagram photo Brandon posted about 3 months ago which he captions, "Duke and Velvet! Road dogs! #family #cousins #smiling." That photo is below. Now I don't know when Velvet passed, but RHOA definitely wrapped filming in September 2013.  Updated to add: Starcasm did search back on Brandon's timeline and the photo IS from March of 2013.

Kenya Moore Dog Velvet Faked Death 

Brandon claims that photo is actually over a year old and the fact can be verified by his twitter timeline. Not sure why he would be posting it three months ago without any sort of "TB" hashtag. He calls the accusation by MTO "vile, disgusting, and flat out a LIE!

Speaking out, Kenya tells TMZ that she absolutely did not fake Velvet's death. Kenya is still heartbroken by Velvet's death and calls the rumors "evil." Brandon also denied MTO's report, telling TMZ directly, "Anybody who has pets knows the kind of love you develop for them. To report that something like that would be staged … it’s disgusting."

Interesting, interesting… 

[Photo Credits: BravoTV & Instagram]