Married To Medicine Season One Recap; Preview Tonight’s Season Two Premiere

Married to Medicine season 2 premiere

Married to Medicine returns tonight.  Bravo promises old wounds and new personalities will make for a explosive season.  Add in Mariah Huq's ego and Quad Webb-Lunceford's popularity – what could possibly go wrong?  🙂 

Season one brought us so so much drama – from Docks on the Dock to Toya and Mariah's poolside brawl to Lemon Squeeze – so let's take a look back at the season.  And check out a sneak peek of tonight's season two premiere. 


Meet the MDs and MRS MDs

We meet the cast, Dr. Jackie Walters, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Toya Bush-Harris, Mariah Huq, Kari Wells, and Dr. Simone Whitmore. Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie are total opposites but great friends, and Toya is desperate to move into a "richer" neighborhood. 

There's drama between Quad and Toya at Mariah's birthday party – and they all wonder if Quad fits the "doctor's wife" mold.  Mariah implores Quad not to react to Toya's taunts. Quad says Toya can "catch fire and go to hell," adding, "Get back, Jack. Fall back, Slim. Because you don't want none of this." 

Kari Wells

Mistress of Medicine

Mariah's Docs on the Dock party goes awry when Quad and Kari butt heads and trade insults. Quad pushes Kari to admit she started dating her husband, Duncan, while he was still married to his first wife. She calls Kari a Mistress of Medicine. An annoyed Kari mocks Quad, then Quad calls Kari anorexic. 

Quad says she never puts anything on anyone that they don't deserve: "Every dog has its day. Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun." In the end, Kari tells Quad that she acts like a low-class whore instead of a doctor's wife, then Kari uninvites Quad from Duncan and Aydin's upcoming birthday party. Of course this sets off Queen Bee Mariah, Quad's BFF. 

Queen Bee Sting

Mariah and Kari shop for wine for the party. Mariah's panties are in a bunch over Quad, Kari's lips are pursed (more than normal) over Mariah's snotty attitude. #GoodTimes They almost cancel the party but ultimately agree to (try to) act like adults and continue on with the party. Mariah decides Kari and Quad need to mend fences first: "I'm the Queen Bee, and it's my responsibility to restore peace. I'll sting all of their asses!" 

Toya makes plans for her dream house in her dream neighborhood – and only in Eugene's dreams does she stick to a reasonable budget. Dr. Jackie shares that her battle against breast cancer has left her infertile. She graciously hosts a lunch for her patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Toya and Mariah fight on Married to Medicine

Black Eye Event

Supposedly, the morning of the party, Mariah hears from her sister that Toya's been gossiping at the beauty salon about Mariah's daughter not being Aydin's biological child. I don't buy it. #SaveFaceScenesByBravo

The party starts at 7:00 – and a tipsy Mariah shows up after 9:00 with Mama Lucy who goes right for Toya. Unaware of the beauty shop gossip drama, Toya asks Mariah why her mama is being so disrespectful to her. They argue a little – then Mariah flicks Toya's hair, Toya throws her drink in Mariah's face, Mariah hits Toya in the head with her clutch. They fall to the ground, pull hair, shatter a table, punch until they're pulled apart.  

Simone consoles Toya in the bathroom.  Mama Lucy says to Mariah, "I hope you beat her ass well." Mariah responds, "I could of killed Toya's ass. I could of threw her ass in that pool and drowned that bitch." 

Puppies in Paris

The fallout from the poolside brawl continues when Toya disinvites Mariah's family from her Spookey Ookey party. Mariah shrugs it off obsesses over Toya: "I worked hard to get to the place I am today. I pulled myself up by the straps of my own boots. Toya can't even damn spell boots."

"Before me, there was no Toya. She was a little ol' housewife, wearing flip flops and True Religion jeans, so I feel very betrayed," continues Mariah. "I've been the nucleus of this group. I have been the Queen Bee. I think Toya definitely is on a mission to turn my friends against me."

Dr. Jackie's Lemon Squeeze

Sour Squeeze

Dr. Jackie organizes a Lemon Squeeze. She hopes Mariah and Toya will talk through their sour lemons (differences) and make sweet lemonade (peace).The rules are simple: assigned seats, no alcohol, no physical contact, no speaking unless you're holding the rubber duck. 

Jackie wants Mariah to move on. Mariah says Jackie's being unreasonable, living in her perfect world, and adds that she cannot understand or show empathy because she hasn't given birth to a child. When Jackie insists she knows how it feels to love a child, Mariah says, "You really don't even have a clue. I'm not even being funny."

Yeah, the Lemon Squeeze is a disasterMariah acts like a child, Quad and Toya argue, Kari and Mariah argue. Rubber ducky tries to drown himself in the lemonade. Jackie walks out, saying, "I can't do it. I cannot make a mockery of women. I will not. I cannot. I am out."

Season Finale

Following a fairly uneventful trip to the Georgia vineyards, Mariah and Kari act like fools at the grand opening of Jackie's spa. Playing dirty, Kari "accidentally" reveals that neither Mariah nor Quad have been invited to Toya and Eugene's NomadMD launch party. 

Mariah hosts a Deshi dinner in an attempt to reassert herself as the Queen Bee. She gets mad when a family tragedy forces Toya – and by extension Kari – to cancel at the last minute. Mariah calls them snakes, adding, "I wanted them here to tell them that I wanted nothing to do with them." Jackie longs for Mariah to get over it. Simone says Mariah's not capable of forgiveness or healing. 

Married to Medicine Mama Lucy Mariah Huq

Mariah's Hypocrisy and Mariah's Ego

"I brought all of these ladies together," bemoans Mariah. "I run several businesses. I have earned my stripes. None of these ladies have given me the respect that I deserve." #GiveItToGetIt

At this point, Mariah and Kari's friendship is on life support, and Mariah pulls the plug at the reunion. Talking about continuing the show, Mariah says, "Season two is very likely – the same six ladies is very very unlikely. #catch I would definitely be done with Kari. She is a fraud."

So this brings us to the much anticipated return of Married to Medicine. The season two cast includes Mariah, Dr. Simone, Dr. Jackie, Toya, Lisa Nicole Cloud, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Kari is no longer an official cast member. 

Tonight, Quad discovers that Mariah has been talking behind her back, and Dr. Jackie shocks Dr. Simone with the reveal that she wants a baby. Also, at Dr. Heavenly's party, Toya accuses Simone of getting too close to Eugene, and Jackie and Simone clash with Heavenly. 

Check out the preview clips, as well as pictures from the cast premiere party, below. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the premiere at 9/8c – join us! 



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