Farrah Abraham Hopes Being A Sex Symbol Doesn’t Ruin Her Dating Life, Disses Her Teen Mom Co-Stars

Farrah Abraham erotic trilogy

My apologies for a Farrah Abraham story on a Monday but we just can't resist the ish that comes out of her mouth. Today's rambles include more about her Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy and a diss aimed at her Teen Mom co-stars.

Farrah says she turned to writing after the mess that was her leaked sex tape. And by "sex tape" I mean professionally produced porn by Vivid Entertainment and by "leaked" I mean professionally distributed porn by Vivid Entertainment.

Farrah explains, "I think because of the experiences I went through and I think some of them were unfair and I guess judged incorrectly from the public when I was going through some things with my sex tape – I think it was the catalyst for me to start writing therapeutically and then I was thinking of fictional characters so I could kind of get out of my head and this came about." If you tilt your head to the right and close one eye, that very long sentence kind of makes sense. 


So, Farrah "created" Fallon Opal, a TV star who dabbles in porn.  "Fallon's story is inspired by my story, so the things I've gone through and come across make their way into the book," she says. "It does address social topics like the porn industry, our celebrity obsessed culture, and entertainment at large. But at its core it's a hot and heavy to read." 

This – "inspired by my story" – doesn't sit well with Vivid's Steve Hirsch. He's issued Farrah a few warnings, including a cease and desist letter just last week.  According to TMZ, Hirsch "worries Farrah could blow the lid on the way her 'sex tape' was made with porn star James Deen." 

All this behind her – no pun intended – Farrah's on the hunt. "I think dating is definitely easier, but I’m working on some other projects right now that help me be around more level-headed men. I hope to find myself a great business man who has his own thing going on and not really about entertainment."

Farrah hopes the men she comes across can look past her sex symbol status. #DelusionalGirlProblems "I really just want them to get to know me for who I am, and the hard working individual that I am," laments Farrah. "Not like some sex symbol, not some person who’s a reality star, I’m like a very real person, and I just don’t want anymore fake people."

Farrah takes this opportunity – "fake people" – to dismiss her Teen Mom co-stars, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, and Amber Portwood, who refuse to shoot a new season of Teen Mom if porn and sex toys are involved. "Truthfully I was never friends with any of them.  Personally I like to keep my life separate – we came in this project separate. I think it's best we keep our lives separate."

Of course Farrah's never been friends with them – or anyone else. I don't think she's capable of friendship outside of the imaginary world she lives in. Actually I have a feeling even Farrah's imaginary friends can't stand her.


Photo Credit: Twitter