Real Housewives of New York Fashion Week

Ramona Singer is synonymous with a few things: pinot, crazy eyes, rude comments, and stirring up trouble. On last week's episode of Real Housewives of New York Ramona returned fresh from a safari with crazy ideas of treating Housewives like an anthropological experiment. Sadly for her, Andy Cohen has already done that! 

In response to Ramona putting her turtle time where it does not belong, LuAnn de Lesseps is reminding her that elegance is learned! And part of having class is knowing when your opinions are not warranted. 

"Ramona jumps into the Heather/Aviva fight and calls Heather [Thomson] out for not inviting Aviva [Drescher] to her tenth anniversary party," LuAnn writes in her Bravo blog. "Heather does have a history of not inviting people who she thinks are going to ruin a good time, but it's her party and she can invite whomever she wants." 


"Why Ramona felt the need to put Aviva on the phone with Heather while shopping for home goods is baffling to me," LuAnn wonders. "I guess Ramona wanted to seize the moment? She's been feeling peaceful since her trip to South Africa, but she's not in the Savannah anymore, this is NYC darling."

As a result of Ramona's meddling Heather was willing to have a sit-down with Aviva where the two resolved nothing, but agreed to umm… ignore each other? Or at least table the drama until further notices. "I was surprised that Heather and Aviva were willing to make amends so quickly," LuAnn continues. "Good for them. . .it's best to let go of resentments as soon as possible." 

"When Heather mentioned how mean it was for Aviva to compare Sonja to Anna Nicole Smith, you could see in Aviva's facial expressions that she understands her comment was way out-of-line. Sonja loves to have a good time but I know that she plans to stick around for her daughter. While Heather thinks that Aviva can be 'f—ing dramatic,' she can be just as demonstrative as Aviva when provoked," LuAnn adds. 

Despite both ladies penchants for the dramatic, LuAnn completely understands why Heather did not invite Aviva"I understand why Heather didn’t invite Aviva to her anniversary party because even though they made up, the wounds were still fresh and Heather really wanted this night to be drama-free. I was stuck in the middle between Heather and Ramona and Sonja — but I eventually had to say that they weren't coming to the party so that Heather didn't expect them the entire night."

Well tonight Ramona and Sonja turn on each other as drama between the besties explodes! Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode, so make sure to join us. 

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