Jenelle Evans With Kieffer Delp

There is literally never a dull (or responsible) day in Jenelle Evans' life. While Nathan Griffith was in jail last week, a bored Jenelle sought out trouble by feuding with ex, Kieffer 'The Reefer' Delp

The Teen Mom 2 star's exchange with Keiffer became so heated she called him the N-word but Jenelle then admitted she is only staying with Nathan for the baby. Oh heavens. 

Radar Online was able to snag the conversation, which was conducted via Facebook messenger. I'm not sure how it started, but Jenelle initially sang Nathan praises before ripping into Kieffer. “Let’s see…Personal trainer, football player, college student, completed his 4 year term in the marines, was deployed twice I think but def once, graduated high school from a private school, comes from a great family,” she wrote.

So, Jenelle is having a kid with someone and she doesn't know how many times they were deployed? And Mr. Great Guy with his DUIs, jail stints, kid he doesn't have custody of… 


Jenelle then tells Kieffer, “Wouldn’t trade him for a N****R like u." Kieffer fired back, “Your breakin my heart crybaby tell M***o quit the roids his wiener will work then haha enjoying wishing he would treat you like I did that is what you said ain’t it.”

“He might not be as nice as u were to me, but he’s the best f**king thing that walked into my life.  U were what? Playing COD and getting high wasting life…," Jenelle retaliated. "Begged me to come back or u were killing yrself. Well guess what go f**king kill yrself, cuz nobody would ever care not even yr own mother.” 

Kieffer then called Jenelle's life "embarrassing" (yep!) and said he could beat Nathan's a$$ if he wanted to. If he put down the pipe. Then things get really, really weird! Kieffer tells Jenelle he "forgives" her for the past. Which is when Jenelle admits that things with Nathan are pretty much exactly how they appear on TV – a hot rocky mess! 

“Yeah but I’m pregnant…” Jenelle confesses. “I don’t want to be alone with the baby. Not again, I wanted to do things right this time. I have a battle with my head every single day about this whole situation. Idk wtf to do.". Hmmmm… so does this sound like a couple that was meant to be and will be getting engaged soon? Nope!

Jenelle also admits that if it weren't for being drug addicts, she believes she and Kieffer could have made things work! 

“I’m trying so hard," Jenelle shares. "He hurt me the way I did to u, and I’m sorry I did that. I was so mean to u and well karma came back to me and in a very harsh way.”

"I wish he treated me like u did, that’s all," Jenelle acknowledges. "Yes we had problems but it was caused cuz of drugs and making stupid choices.”

Barbara isn't going to like this! Meanwhile Jenelle and Nathan have been spending their jail-free and jobless days frolicking on the beach and twittering. 

A friend told RumorFix that Nathan is aware of the conversation because Jenelle told him as soon as he got out of jail. "She was honest with him and he read every single message she sent. She apologized and Nathan simply said don’t let it happen again, and that’s all!” Do we believe that? No, we don't believe that. 

And now Jenelle is accusing Kieffer of selling the story for drug money. Which – duh. And she's just pissed she couldn't sell it first. You know, one positive in all this – Jenelle probably won't have to be with Nathan for very long because after being popped for a third DUI he's about to get sentenced again.

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