Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Lizzie Rovsek Says The Veteran Ladies Hazed The New Girls


So Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney, and Heather Dubrow like to haze the newbies on Real Housewives of Orange County? Color me totally surprised. While we've been getting to know Shannorganic Beador (I don't know why I like her so much!) through awkward dinner parties and cotillion meltdowns, we've haven't met Lizzie Rovsek. Of course, just the sneak peek of what's to come this season proves that there is drama with all the ladies!

Lizzie is a former model who has two children with her husband who works in real estate. She is quick to admit that the veteran "wives" didn't welcome the new faces with open arms. In fact she likens her co-stars cattiness to hazing. Lizzie reveals that she did not expect their behavior at all, yet she also watched the show before appearing on it, so…


In an interview with Radar Online, Lizzie opens up about the many moods and woohoos of Vicki, as well her plans to have another baby. Check it out below!

What was it like filming your first season? "I want to say that it’s been an adventure. When you first start filming with the cameras, it takes a little bit to warm up to, and after a while, you kind of forget that they’re even there half of the time. But it has been fun for my husband [Christian Rovsek] and I and our two kids [Preston and Kingston]. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other ladies and all the adventures that we’ve been on."

What was the toughest part about being one of the new girls this season? "I would say the toughest part was just kind of the hazing you get from the veterans. I really didn’t expect the hazing. I didn’t really expect to be picked on like I did in the beginning. I found myself standing up for myself in the beginning right off the bat. I had to defend myself just from like the first meeting."

Do you think being younger than the others made them insecure?  "I don’t know. Maybe. The thing is, I’m not very confrontational with other women. I don’t fight with other women typically. I don’t pick on people by the way they look or by their names, just very catty stuff like that. I was just really caught off guard that that those were the things I was picked on about. It wasn’t typical for me."

Who lead the attack on you? "There was just one. I don’t know what I can say. I guess you can wait and see. It’s pretty much right off the bat."

Was that difficult to deal with? "No. I’m not going to start drama, but I’m very quick to defend myself. I feel like I have a very strong character and integrity, and I don’t have a problem jumping in and saying what I need to say. That’s not a problem for me, but I didn’t realize that I would have to do it immediately."

Her first reactions meeting the cast?  "Meeting Vicki was like a roller coaster. It was like good, and then crazy and then I found her very hard to read. I consider her a roller coaster. It was great, bad, all the above.”

Her husband's reaction to signing for the show:  "We were both hesitant because I’ve seen the shows before, and I see the drama that takes place and the cattiness between women and that’s not something that’s normal to me… Then we kind of thought, ‘This door is open for a reason and things happen for a reason. Why would God put this in front of us if we maybe we shouldn’t explore this adventure?’ So we decided to do it."

Is another baby in the works? "We definitely want another baby. That’s a definite 100% thing. We’re not sure exactly."  But they're not actively trying.  "No. Every time that we even say the word, I get pregnant. There’s no trying. It just happens. When we’re ready, we’re just going to say, ‘Let’s go.’ Maybe next year."

Wait, is she telling us that these women are jealous and insecure and they take out their perceived inadequacies on those who threaten them? I am so befuddled by this information! 


[Photo Credit: Rudy Martinez/Bravo]