16 and Pregnant Millina With Son Kayden

On last night's 16 And Pregnant, seventeen-year-old Millina Kacmar and boyfriend Trevor dealt with trying to parent son Kayden and parent their own mothers who were at least as immature and needy as the infant, right?

Millina's mom is in jail for drugs and her father is flaky and broke (and in the past he was abusive), so she and her younger brother Moses live with their grandmother Nan. Millina is dating Trevor – and his pornstache – but has trouble trusting him because of her rocky childhood. As a result of her mom's issues Millina dropped out of school and fell into the rave scene including all the drugs, alcohol, hideous neon fashions, piercings, and all-nighters it had to offer. That's also where she met Trevor. 

Millina realizes she has to give up the party scene for her son because she worries about turning into her mom and losing her son to Child Protective Services. She confides in her friend Haley that she freaks out about this daily. 


Millina didn't use birth control because she heard there were side-effects and now oopsie! Here's the biggest side-effect of all: unplanned pregnancy. 

Millina's mom Rachelle isn't the only parent in peril, however. Trevor's mom Tina suffers from seizures (strokes?) and mental illness so she is unstable, but she wants to be involved in raising her grandson Kayden. She also constantly tells Millina how bad her mom Rachelle is. Millina worries about leaving Kayden with Tina in case she has a seizure and also because she's just not very with-it.

Despite the fact that Nan doesn't want to raise another kid, she encourages Millina to live with her and use her best judgment concerning Tina. Trevor agrees, but wants them to live at his house "for selfish reasons". He promises he'll stay at Millina's a few nights a week and help. Of course Trevor and Millina are completely unprepared, but at least Trevor has a job! As far as most of these teen dads go that's winning. 

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Since Rachelle has missed most of Millina's pregnancy she fills her in over the phone and even holds a teddy bear with a recording of Kayden's heartbeat up to the phone. Rachelle squeals, apologizes, and promises to do better. Nan looks doubtful. Rachelle has a court date coming up where she could be released into a half-way house rehab. Millina is hopeful this time will be the last time her mom relapses. She shows her friend Haley a photo of her mom last year when she was clean and one with her mugshot featuring a strung-out Rachelle on what appears to be meth (she looks like one of those 'This is your face on meth' billboards in fact). Haley reminds Millina to use her mom's struggles as a warning, "Moms aren't really replaceable." 

Millina goes alone to her mom's court date, where unfortunately Rachelle is denied release to rehab until the case is settled. Millina mouths 'I love you.' through tears as her mom is led back to jail. After release she'll complete a year-long rehab. Millina goes to her dad for advice on what to do with Trevor's mom and her future. "You and Trevor will be alright if you stay away from all us grown-ups," her dad advises. Lovely. 

Tina gets increasingly nutty and leaves Millina a ton of voicemails referring to herself as "your mom, Tina," and tells Millina they're moving. Trevor will be going with his mom who also expects Millina and the baby to move in with them to some friend of Tina's finished basement. Millina, thankfully, is like NO WAY.

Instead of discussing the situation with his mom alone, Trevor asks Millina to confront Tina with the news. It does not go well. Naturally. Because unleashing your crazy mother on your pregnant teenaged girlfriend rarely does.  

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Millina tells Tina to tell her she does not feel comfortable moving in or leaving Kayden alone with Tina because of her strokes (seizures?). Tina freaks out. "There is no one in this f–king world who wouldn't trust me with their baby," she screams. She also "refuses" to allow Rachelle to be with Millina and Kayden and says she has no respect for Millina's mom. Trevor doesn't say anything in Millina's defense. 


After the blowup with Pornstache's mom, Millina goes into labor. At least that's what MTV leads us to believe, because Tina was rocking drastically different hair (Wigs by MTV?). While Tina camps out in the waiting room, Millina gives birth to Kayden James-Michael on December 5th, 2013. Trevor is scarred by witnessing Millina's "pretty vagina" turn into stargate with a baby flying out of it. I do not make these things up, people! 

After the birth, Millina is still not ready to forgive Tina so she won't let Trevor bring Kayden to his mom's house, which causes major friction in their relationship. Trevor still continues to take his mom's side over Millina's and they argue. Tina calls Millina constantly and is annoyed Millina won't call her back. Furthermore Millina is taking care of Kayden alone – Trevor won't answer the phone and has only come over twice since Kayden's birth. "It's like we're best friends who got drunk, had an uh-oh, and now we have a big uh-oh," Millina describes. "I just want him to be there for his kid." 


Millina's mom goes back to court for another opportunity to transfer to rehab. Millina brings Kayden so her mom can see him for the first time. Despite Rachelle's tearful speech to the judge about how she can and will do better with treatment, she is sentenced to 200 days. Unfortunately Kayden gets a cold at court which further causes problems between her and Trevor

Millina finally relents and takes Kayden to Tina's house, where Tina blames her for not wanting to move in and claims she'd have more help if she lived there. Tina and Trevor are angry at Millina for bringing Kayden to court, where he got a cold, but not coming over to see them and they both yell at her. They accuse Millina of enabling her mom and leaving them out. Tina insists she just wants to give Millina her love, but she has a funny (re: manipulative) way of trying to show it! 

"Our relationship shouldn't be about everybody else – it should be about the three of us," Millina tells Trevor, demanding that he spend more time with his son. Trevor agrees they should work together. 

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Furthermore with no one else to care for Kayden, Millina will likely be getting her GED. However, props to Millina for breastfeeding. That's the second girl this season – which is like better than all the other 16 & P seasons combined. 

WHERE IS MILLINA NOW: According to her twitter and Facebook, Millina and Trevor are not together anymore. Millina's mom Rachelle is out of jail and in rehab, but does not get along with Tina. She said neither her mom nor Tina are allowed to be near Kayden alone. Millina says she has no problem with Tina coming over to see Kayden whenever, but she refuses to go to Millina's house. 

Millina Mom Rachelle With KaydenMillina's mom Rachelle holding Kayden

16 And Pregnant Millina, Trevor, Kayden

Millina, Trevor, and Kayden today

PS – how many times do you guys think I accidentally typed "Milania" while writing this?

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