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Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub are at WAR on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The fallout from last week’s episode will likely last all season. It’s a bloodbath in the Garden State. Teresa Giudice is directly in the middle, and her friendship with Marge is in big jeopardy. Teresa’s somewhat blind loyalty to Danielle is mind boggling. What is she doing here? Why does she want to be her ally so badly?

It’s also only a matter of time before some of the other women have a falling out. For the most part everyone’s getting along right now. That’s going to change. It wouldn’t be Housewives if it wasn’t going to. It’s probably a safe bet that it’ll be Jennifer Aydin who finds herself at odds with someone. Will it be Jackie Goldschneider again? Although someone new would be more exciting. 

Melissa can’t believe that Teresa is going so hard to defend Danielle. I can’t either. What is she thinking? Also, throwing water on Jennifer to prove a point was so out of line. That’s just not how people should be behaving.

Melissa and Joe get the results of their fertility tests. Everything’s cool with Melissa, but Joe Gorga’s sperm count was super down. Naturally, Joe is Mr. Caveman so this hurt his pride. Even his kids found it hilarious. However, I don’t think Melissa and Joe have any plans on actually having another child. Just something to make her appear relevant for another season.

Margaret invites Jackie over to her house to talk about having a Mother’s Day drag brunch. What a fascinating concept. She’s so extra on so many levels. I love it though.

Margaret’s not inviting Teresa to this, which isn’t going to go over well. I get that Teresa’s friends with Danielle, but you have to let some s**t go. Why let something so petty ruin a longtime friendship?

Jackie’s inviting all of the women to The Hamptons, and she’s including Teresa. I kind of love this. She’s going to force Margaret and Teresa to be face to face. Obviously it could go seriously wrong, but they need to talk. I think without psycho Danielle in the room, they can reach common ground. Remove the toxicity from your life Teresa!

Teresa and Dolores Catania meet at the spa, and they want their kids to date. Gia already finds Frankie hot, so let it happen I guess. Jackie calls them to officially invite them to The Hamptons. How shady is Jackie though? She brings up the drag brunch and knows damn well that she’s not inviting Teresa. She’s like “oh I didn’t know”. That’s some actually bull right there. Jackie with some SNAKE moves.

Jackie is low key thirsty for the drama. She and Teresa may have “made up”, but she really enjoyed rubbing her exclusion it. Everything Jackie does comes across so calculated. She strikes at the right time every time. I thought I liked her last season, but she’s trying too hard this year. Simmer down girl.

Margaret’s drag brunch looks so fabulous. It looks very Alice in Wonderland with a drag twist. It’s everything I wold have expected and more from her.

Back at Teresa’s, her daughters prepare a delicious Mother’s Day meal and card that makes her cry. It’s really sad that Margaret wouldn’t just invite Teresa to her thing. It would’ve been such a time to bond and make up. Excluded someone from an event is kind of a big deal. That sends a POWERFUL message.

Joe Giudice calls and of course fights with Teresa again. The montage of how many times Joe said awful things about Teresa is kind of sad to watch. She took a lot of cruelty from him for years. She honestly would’ve walked away from that marriage years ago. Good riddance bro.

Jennifer’s mom looks so out of place at this event. Given her stance on the LGBTQ community, I wonder what’s going through her mind. I love Jennifer’s push to open up her mom’s views this season. She’s really coming through as an ally. Her daughter too!

This event reminds me of a Jersey version of something Lisa Vanderpump would do. If LVP was in Jersey, this is what I’d imagine I’d see. Drag queens and rosé. 

Margaret thinks that Teresa’s really changed since they’ve met. Teresa hasn’t really changed. Margaret just hasn’t seen it. The peace, calm, and tranquility Tre is a thing of the past. The Teresa of the past is back, and she’s ready to take down Marge.

Margaret and Marge Sr.’s relationship is so bizarre. She doesn’t sound like she was really a mother to her. She was more into the partying than she was being a mom. Ugh. So relatable. I feel that sooooo much. I love Marge. Sr regardless. She seems like someone I’d enjoy having a drink with and hearing her crazy stories.

Playing Melissa’s song during the drag performance was EVERYTHING. It’s such a vibe. Her music career didn’t really go anywhere, but I really do have that on my Spotify playlist. I’m not ashamed.

David Principe misses almost every event that the women have. He’s never really there for Dolores. This relationship is so blah. She tells him sometimes it’s better being his patient than his girlfriend. I don’t think he knows how to be in a healthy relationship. Dolores is never getting a commitment from this man.

I was right. Jennifer’s mother didn’t know that drag queen’s were men. What rock is this women living under? Even if you don’t support it, you should know what a drag queen is. Like what? Is she serious?

Jennifer confronts her mom about pretending like she doesn’t know her son is gay. She compares him being gay to having a sick child. Ugh. This is so backwards. Old fashioned sounds a lot like bigoted to me. It’s wild to me how much emotion comes from her mom over this. I didn’t realize in 2020 that people could still be so close minded.

Marge Sr. is moving. Look. I don’t want to be rude. However, he current apartment is a whole mess. Hoarders could do a full special on this. How does she even move in her apartment? She’s moving like really soon, but she has so much work to do. As much as it needs to be done, Margaret is being a little aggressive with her mother about it all. Like chill.

Jackie is rich bitch. She spends $50,000 a month on her Hampton house. That’s such an astronomical amount of money for a house you hardly use. I want to be THAT. I don’t know where that cash comes from, but I need it.

Teresa complains to Dolores about Joe and how the girls take his side. They definitely have a glamorized version of what their father is like. He’s been away for so long, so their vision is a little skewed. Joe is not the saint they’ve made him out to be in their minds. He’s actually kind of a super douche.

All of the sudden it looks like Jackie having money is going to be a storyline. Why though? What does it even matter? What’s even the entertainment value of that as a topic? Someone fill me in.

The moment Teresa enters the door, she brings up Margaret not inviting her to drag brunch. “Thank you for not inviting me”. Fighting words. Teresa doesn’t want the goodie bag Margaret brought for her. Teresa came in hot. I think the old Teresa will be joining us for the remainder of the season. FINALLY.


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