Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap: Brianna Wakes Up, While Lexi Really Needs To

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap: Brianna Wakes Up, While Lexi Really Needs To

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, After two months, Brianna Jaramillo landed a job so she doesn’t have to get benefits or deal with Braeson’s biological father (although she should still go after him for child support!). She is heading to the doctor for birth control when Robert asks silly questions about whether or not guys get birth control shots and they start to bicker in the car. Brianna says that she’s starting to regret asking Robert to move in with her. 

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap: Brianna Wakes Up, While Lexi Really Needs To

Kayla Sessler decided not to extend the restraining order against Stephan. She did get a job at a makeup store. She’s hanging out with her friend Devynn who asks her about Stephan. Kayla is meeting him at Walmart to buy stuff for Izaiah so that Stephan can see him. Devynn wants her to be safe. Kayla said she is proud of herself for taking care of the baby on her own, and getting a job which will lead to an apartment. Kayla says she feels empowered. That won’t last long. 

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap: Brianna Wakes Up, While Lexi Really Needs To

Lexi Tatman says that Kyler Lopez has been very sweet to her since giving her the promise ring – oh Lexi! — and she’s been spending more time at his house. Her mother, Amber, talks to Lexi about how she’s always at Kyler’s call and she should take the reins sometimes. She doesn’t want Lexi to mindlessly follow anyone. 

Jade Cline explains how Sean’s grandmother packed up his stuff and wanted him to leave, so she’s letting him crash at her place temporarily. They talk about how they are getting along better for the baby’s sake. Sean talks about helping Jade when she’s ready to move. Hopefully, this calm will last.

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So let’s address the phone in Ashley Jones’s hand while she’s driving (she uses it to call her mom) and then she takes the other hand off the wheel to look in the side mirror and touch her face. OMG girl, you have a baby in the car! She tells her mother about making up with Bar’s mother who is skeptical of it — so are we. Ted and Pastor Tea talk about how it’s been a nasty pattern between Bar’s mom and Ashley only for Bar’s mom to do it again. I’m putting my money on another explosion between any of them.

Kayla talks about how she was supposed to take a trip to Florida to see Stephan’s mom, Annette, who hasn’t met the baby yet. Stephan talks about how he feels alone but didn’t want to call his mom and worry her because she got diagnosed with Lupus and he didn’t want to put more pressure on her. Annette tells him he’s going to end up in jail if he keeps getting angry. She gives him a motivational speech about how he should be a strong black man and that he’s not a bad person. Stephan breaks down and cries.

Lexi says she’s tired of being in the middle of Kyler and her mom and how he doesn’t come around, so he’s hoping it will change. Oh Lexi!! Your mom is right about everything with Kyler and how he talks to you too. Wake up! 

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Ashley explains to Chris that the peace between Bar’s mom didn’t last long — oh good, I win my virtual bet. She claims that Bar’s mom took her text about Bar’s party and not showing up uninvited as a personal attack and she called Bar and didn’t like the post. Ashley took it down but Bar’s mom went on social media and dogged Ashley saying she’s done with Ashley and that Chris and Ashley attacked her physically at Bar’s party, but that it was all cut out of the show. She said they were ‘sick and dangerous’ and how they were taking new applications for Bar’s wife. Ashley says that she has no self control. Ashley makes it clear that Bar’s mom won’t see the baby anymore.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap: Brianna Wakes Up, While Lexi Really Needs To

Sean wants to move in with Jade, but Jade says no, they are friends. Sean tries to lean in for a kiss, but Jade refuses.

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Kayla and Devynn want to look for an apartment together. Having Stephan away right now let’s her breathe a bit and get her life back on track. She’s talking with Annabell about her first day at work and that it was fun, but that it was hard to leave Izaiah. She talks about how she has to find a daycare provider and she’ll miss so much with working and then having to go to school but knows she has to do this for her future. 

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap: Brianna Wakes Up, While Lexi Really Needs To

Brianna decides to talk to Robert about their relationship (wahoo!) and Robert even says that Brianna’s has been more distant. Robert talks about how she’s yelling him about the dishes, but Brianna says that they should’ve been long distance. She decides to send him back home and wants to see him get motivated to get his GED without her pushing him or it won’t work. She wants more out of life. Robert doesn’t know what to say. Of course, but he does seem visibly upset at Brianna’s decision.

Ashley claims she’s over the drama with her mom and Bar’s mom and wants to just focus on the family so she plans a family photo shoot with Bar. Bar tells her in the car that he’s not getting involved with the moms right now either because they are taking personal shots at each other and he doesn’t want that drama either.

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Lexi says it’s frustrating talking to Kyler about anything — no, really???!!! She says sitting Amber down with Kyler probably wouldn’t go well. Amber talks to Brandon, Lexi’s step dad, about how Kyler is treating her. Amber wonders at what point do you say that you’re not going to be so nice about it anymore?

Jade moves and lets Sean leave her stuff with her. Damien and Sean talk about whether or not Jade is letting him move in. Sean talks about being there for Jade and plans on staying there a lot like he lives there. Uh oh, this isn’t going to go well.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap: Brianna Wakes Up, While Lexi Really Needs To

Kayla breaks the news to her mom that she and Devynn are going to move in together. Her mom reminds her to make a budget and that she won’t help Kayla if she moves out. Kayla claims she’s grateful for the help she’s had before, but that her mom won’t continue to help so that she fails and stays at the house and can see Izaiah every day.

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