Heather Thomson Recaps Ramona Singer’s Terrible Behavior In The Berkshires!

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Heather Thomson is one patient gal. I mean if Ramona Singer had behaved that way in my home I'd have kicked her and her AC unit to the curb! 

In her Bravo blog the Real Housewives of New York star discusses Ramona's behavior in The Berkshires and her rudeness in general – and Heather is done patiently putting up with it! 

Ramona's self-centered nonsense began at the dinner party Heather hosted for the husbands, to which Ramona brought not one but two hubbies: Mario and her "g-usband" (gay husband). "She shows up with an un-announced guest! I am not a stickler for the rules, but geez!" Heather laments.


"I certainly didn't mean to make Joey feel uncomfortable, because he did get an invitation, but it was from Ramona and not me, (the host!)," Heather continues. "Joey was charming and wonderful and I did enjoy meeting him, (you'll actually see more of him again soon), but it's just plain rude to show up at a private dinner party someone is hosting with an additional guest that wasn't invited or at all expected. Ugh. Ramona, why do I even bother?" Seriously – who doesn't even call to see if they can bring a +2?! 

"Ramona is also being lame on this Josh thing," Heather adds. "This is not private news, Sonja's struggles are out in the open, (some because of Ramona!) and what Josh lacked in tact, he made up in sincerity."

Now on to Ramona's behavior in The Berkshires! Heather is disgusted that Ramona was inferring The Berkshires was low-class and trashy. "What is most disturbing to me is this ignorant side Ramona is showing," Heather states. "I do not fake who I am, or what I have. I don't have bag handlers, — nor does Ramona. Not all rich people are flashy. Gaudy doesn't mean luxury. The privileged? Well, they come in many forms. Be it a cool breeze or a bag of caviar! Who is to say one is better than the other? Or worse, Ramona, that one is better than another? You have no idea what you are talking about girl or what you are googling — shame on you."

Heather also explains that the "garage" (as labeled by Ramona) aka her house was originally meant to be the pool house, but as life and children got in the way she and Jonathan haven't had time to focus on their planned expansion project for the land – including building a larger house. Presumably with air conditioning for the next time Ramona visits, right?! Nevertheless they are happy and content with the house they have now. 

Heather had hoped taking the ladies out in the canoes would help diffuse all the drama, but alas, "because there is Ramona, the sh– stirrer grand-master, at it again."

"When I swam up to the other girls, I couldn't believe that I heard Ramona talking smack about Kristen [Taekman]," Heather recalls. "I mean she has not stopped being negative since she arrived and now this!? We are supposed to be detoxing Singer! With the fighting that was sure to ensue, I figured it a good time to wet-my-whistle, but what I didn't realize was Ramona had thrown more than wine at Kristen, (yet again!) but this time, she threw the whole damn glass! Outrageous!"

Heather reveals that Kristen's injury looked much worse than what was seen on the show! "When I swam over to check Kristen's lip, I was shocked at how much it was bleeding! I was worried she really might need stitches! The water did a good job of washing away the blood. It honestly looked so much worse in person." 

"I love how Ramona blames the Berkshires on her own behavior. When you hurt someone you apologize and when you misbehave, or you f— up, you take responsibility for your actions." Heather obviously hasn't spent enough time with Ramona. Ramona take accountability? Never! Heather's bestie LuAnn can tell her alllll about that! 

[Photo Credit: Derrick Salters/WENN.com]