Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Shannon Beador Sounds Off About “Chairgate”

Shannon Beador

Sure, she wastes gems by having them put in her teeth, she comes off as the world's biggest nag, and I am not NOT worried about the state of her marriage, but by God, I love Shannon Beador, and last night's Real Housewives of Orange County only affirmed my affections. Not only did she stay true to herself (I like that even though she enjoys spending time with Vicki Gunvalson, she wasn't shy about calling out her mean girl behavior to new girl Lizzie Rovsek), but she managed to make Heather Dubrow look like the ultimate twit (although given how the season has been going thus far, I'm not sure that's quite a feat). 

In her Bravo blog highlighting last night's episode, Shannon begins, "I consider Dr. Moon a part of the family so I was really excited when Vicki agreed to see him with me. I love Vicki's spirit — she is open to anything, especially holistic and alternative therapies. Dr. Moon has a theory that when a person is "jammed," energy cannot properly flow through the body for optimum health. He will go through a process to 'de-jam' a patient and one of those areas to 'de-jam' is the tailbone. I know Vicki was joking around, but I want to be clear he does not put his finger in your rear end."


As for getting Vicki's office all chi, Shannon shares, "One of my most favorite people on the earth is Elaine Wright, our feng shui consultant. Elaine has worked with my family for the last 10 years. So many amazing things happened to us after she came into our lives that David (who was a complete skeptic at first) eventually asked Elaine to come out to feng shui his office. We also included her in the architectural meetings for the design of our home" adding, "When Vicki told me she had recently moved offices and there was a lot of chaos in the new space, I recommended that Elaine come to visit. It turns out that the wealth corner of Vicki's office is actually cut off and Elaine gave her remedies to 'cure' that portion of her office. You can check out Elaine’s website at"

Now, on to the juicy stuff!  Shannon reveals, "I met Lizzie and Danielle on tonight’s episode. Lizzie is dressed a little 'racy' which to me spells 'fun'! I always like to meet new people who might be a little bit wild like me! I don't think it was very nice that Vicki called Lizzie by the wrong name. There was quite a bit of tension in the limo and I felt uncomfortable. One of my 'buttons' is when someone says that I said or did something that isn't true. I am an honest person, and I do not lie. If I make a mistake (which I do ALL the time), I take responsibility. That being said, when someone tells me or others that I said or did something that never happened, I am going to defend myself."

She continues, "Onto what I have coined 'Chairgate.' As we entered the restaurant, Vicki was in the middle of telling me the story of how her daughter was moving to Oklahoma. When we got to the table, she asked Heather to move so that we could continue our conversation. I never said one word to Heather about where she was sitting. Let me be clear — I don't fight over chairs and I can honestly say I have never argued about where I was sitting at a table. Heather, however, was making a big deal about it by playing musical chairs. When I returned from the restroom and saw that she had moved my things to a different seat, Heather then tried to insinuate that I had told her to move. I made I clear that I never uttered a word about moving and she said, 'I know it was Vicki. I heard it was Vicki.' I offered her the chair back and she refused, so let it go."

Confused by Heather's deplorable behavior (who wasn't??), Shannon explains, "I still don't understand why Heather was giving me such a hard time. She never said a word to Vicki and chose to take her frustration out on me. Heather then took the opportunity to come up with some nonsense that I was 'heated' and 'so angry' when I returned to the table from the restroom. I wasn't angry, yet I apologized if I gave her that impression to move forward and restore peace to the table. It clearly wasn't enough for her because she then proceeded to call me 'scary' as well. In true Heather form, she proceeded to give me a lecture like I was a child about what she incorrectly thought I was doing. There was nothing 'disproportionate,' 'scary' or 'angry' about my behavior at the table or towards Heather. Tamra [Judge] confirms it. The only thing that was scary to me is that Heather would make up such malicious statements about me."

Shannon reminds viewers, "When I left for the restroom for the second time, Heather announced to the table that I said, 'Why can't I sit in the middle' three times. I never did. In fact, you see exactly what was said when we enter the restaurant. The bottom line: You be the judge. You see what happens in the episode and you as viewers can determine whether I was out of line, 'scary angry,' 'heated' or 'disproportionate.' I can tell you that I was not" concluding, "I moved on after Heather's untruths about me and even tried to have conversations with her throughout the night. Clearly Heather has issues with me that go way deeper than a chair. Even though we both bought custom lots in the same gated community, she told the table that we don't live in the same neighborhood. Everyone knows that Vicki tries to push people when she first meets them, but when I brought it up to Heather, she disagreed. I don't know what I have done to Heather to have her concoct falsehoods about me. I apologized for something that I didn't even do to bring peace to the night and it still was not enough for her. Hopefully as the season progresses, we can get down to the real reason why she has a problem with me."

Cheers, Shannon. I'll feng shui with you any day of the week!


[Photo Credit: Rudy Martinez/Bravo]