LuAnn de Lesseps Opens Up About Riding The ‘Ramonacoaster’

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Leave it to Countess LuAnn de Lesseps to let us know exactly what faux paus Ramona Singer was guilty of while vacationing in the Berkshires. In her latest Bravo blog LuAnn tries to help us understand what exactly it is like to ride the 'Ramonacoaster.'

Just a little background if you have been living under a rock. The Real Housewives of New York City made the trek to Heather Thomson's retreat in the Berkshire. Drama started early when Kristen Taekman splashed Ramona Singer with a little water, in turn Ramona threw wine on her — for the second time in two episodes — followed by chucking the glass at her face. Then after a sort-of apology, Ramona used her childhood trauma to flee the vacation. Even though she had already been filmed packing and calling a friend for a ride to the Hamptons before her 'breakdown' that made her want to leave. Classy!


In true LuAnn form, she sees both sides of the drama, but also understands the difference between right and wrong. Ramona should take lessons.

"I've witnessed Ramona go from 0 to 60 on more that one occasion for sure. Who will ever forget her reaction to Heather when she first came onto the scene. When Ramona picks a target, the arrows come flying from all directions! She's done some pretty awful things to most of us in the past and I don't think you can ever change a leopard's spots!"

"The verdict on chucking things at peoples faces is definitely NOT CLASSY!"

"I think Ramona was so unhappy with us in the Berkshires she would of used any excuse to get out of dodge! I have to say in Ramona's defense, I hate to be splashed, but the punishment didn't fit the crime."

Seriously!! It was water!! You were out on a lake!! There was no crime!! Ok, now that I got that out, back to what LuAnn has to say….

"I don't think Ramona's apology was sincere in the least. She felt bad about it, that's for sure, but Ramona has a hard time being sincere to people she doesn't really care about. It was obvious this was the case. I think her friend plate is full."

Again LuAnn, stop playing France. Ramona's apology was insincere is where you should have stopped. If Ramona doesn't care about someone does not give her an excuse not to truly apologize to someone she threw a glass at. Ridiculous!

I also do not think that this is the first season that it has been suggested that Ramona needs therapy. And I have to say I agree with LuAnn when she says, "I don't think Ramona would go to therapy because I don't think she realizes her behavior is not normal. I guess thats what makes her Ramona."

It is obvious from her behavior that Ramona Singer thinks she can do what Ramona Singer wants to do.

Thank you LuAnn for pointing out that Ramona is insane and her behavior disgusting, but in this situation, there is no need to play the middle!


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