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All is right in the world when Jenelle Evans has "love" in her life – with a man, mind you. Her son's love isn't enough. And the Teen Mom 2 star recently took to Twitter to gush about her man of one year now Nathan Griffith. "I'm so blessed to have the relationship with [Nathan] like I do," she tweeted. "Breaking up every other day is a sad and unhappy relationship." 

You see, with her due date (June 29) fast approaching, Jenelle feels the need to try to convince herself us that she and Nathan are the real deal and more in love than ever. So sad. Thanks to her Twitter addiction and MTV's cameras, we saw a completely different year than Jenelle's deluded mind saw. 


Jenelle started talking to Nathan five seconds after her husband, Courtland Rogers, went to prison after their couples heroin bust. Courtland went to prison, Jenelle went to She found Nathan. So, Nathan lived with girlfriend Brianna Doris at the time, but that did not stop Jenelle from showing off her new man on Twitter. Nathan left Brianna for Jenelle. 

Jenelle insisted perfect church boy Nathan got her to stop getting high, then she went to jail for 48 hours after a failed drug test. Jenelle and Nathan got pregnant – on purpose because neither has custody of their child and that is, like, soooo annoying. Ten seconds after she bragged about how she has changed, Jenelle got arrested for disrupting the peace during a nasty fight with Nathan.  

We saw Nathan rage with anger, repeatedly, on Teen Mom 2. Nathan verbally and emotionally abused Jenelle. And Jace told Babs that he didn't like being with Jenelle and Nathan because they fight and scream too much. Nathan quit his job to mooch off of Jenelle, we heard endless cheating accusations, Nathan told Jenelle she should have aborted their baby, and the list goes on and on.

Of course, that is all in the past, and Nathan and Jenelle are madly in love. "Well, previous relationships I've had on the show haven't really been that steady, they've been on and off," Jenelle shared with Wetpaint. "And finally I met Nathan. We've just been going steady from day one." 

Wait, what? From day one?!? Did she watch Teen Mom 2?

“I mean, we’ve had rough patches in the past, of course, but you know we’re past them now I just think we just understand that we want a future together," explained Jenelle. "My other exes — I think they're just too immature and wanting to party so much. They just didn’t want to settle down – Nathan does."


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