Tamra Barney Talks About All The Drama So Far This Season In The O.C.


Whether it is over a chair, or a stick up someone's rear, the girls from the Real Housewives of Orange County just can't seem to all get along this season. Leave it to Tamra Barney to tell it like it is, even if she is in the middle of all the fighting, which is exactly what she does in her latest Bravo blog.

Here is where we are at. Vicki Gunvalson is being her usual, rude, obnoxious self to the new girl, Lizzie. And Heather Dubrow is looking down on the other new girl, Shannon Beador for some reason. (Btw — this is not a good look for Heather. I have always liked her, but this year she is kind of being a stuck-up bully to Shannon.)

The girls gathered for a hoedown at the Dubrow Ranch — aka where Heather is building her new mansion — and that is where all the girls decided to air their grievances.


Everything seemed to being going well, until Shannon showed up late, which set Heather off. Note to Shannon — if you are already not getting along with someone, probably best not to show up late without notification to their event. But things really got heated when Heather walked up and Tamra and Shannon were talking about her being upset because Shannon was late.

Tamra's take on what happened, "Heather was talking about Shannon being late to everyone. So it was natural for me to ask Shannon what happened since she lived down the street. She told me that David was coaching their daughters' team, and I thought that was a legit excuse. So when Heather walked up, I thought it was appropriate to tell her what we were talking about instead of everyone shutting up and making her think we were all talking badly about her. I thought if Heather knew that Shannon was waiting on David she would understand… HMMM?"

Apparently not, because at that point, Heather and Shannon decided to try and talk it out despite the party atmosphere. And it is not just us normal people who think that a party is not the place to argue.Tamra agrees, "I really thought the fighting that was going on between Heather and Shannon was pretty stupid. I thought if they talked it out things would get better between them. I didn't mean they needed to talk right then and there, it was just my way of saying, "I don't want to hear about it anymore."

But Heather and Shannon were not the only ladies who were not playing nice. After being completely rude to Lizzie the first time they met, Vicki decided to just continue to take jabs at the new girl. And Tamra definitely noticed.

"Vicki… really? When I saw she said "Nice to meet you" to Lizzie, I almost fell off my chair. I am starting to think she is just screwing with Lizzie. Vicki did apologize for calling her "Izzie" and I think they have moved on? When I told Lizzie that Vicki has a hard time with new girls and if she stands up for herself like she did in the limo Vicki will stop with the name calling and respect her, I was not dissing my friend but only being honest. Sometimes if you know how to deal with a person right off the bat it makes life a lot easier."

A lot of hurt feelings at the hoedown, but Tamra actually left with a hurt arm. In another nasty move, Heather told the guy controlling the mechanical bull to speed it up when Tamra got on, which lead to her being hurled off and landing hard on her arm.

"My social media is going crazy with one question: "Did you know Heather told the guy to turn up the bull?" The answer to that question is NO. Eddie and I rode the bull many times during the party and had many "English"-speaking conversations with bull operator. He told us the best way to hold on and what not to do. I felt pretty comfortable on the bull after the fifth time I rode it so by the time the viewers saw me ride it I was thinking to myself, "I got this."

"The whole ride is a blur to me, it happened so fast. Something was clearly different — duh, he had turned it up and when it threw me off, I slammed down on my forearm and suddenly felt the pain. HO DOWN! It was hard for the viewers to see how hard I hit because of the camera position. My arm turned black and blue immediately with a big knot that looked like a bone. When I got up I felt like I was going to pass out, not sure if it was from falling or the pain? Shannon called the local urgent care and made them stay open a little longer until we got there… Thank you, Shannon. The last thing I needed was a broken arm!"

"After the X-ray they wrapped my arm, gave me a shot in the butt for the swelling and told me not to work out for at least a week… joy! It took a good two months to feel better, but the good thing is it wasn't broken."

Even though her arm was not broken, I have a feeling that this will not be the end of the mechanical bull drama. Can't wait til it comes out that it was actually Heather's fault!


[photo courtesy: Tamra Barney on Twitter and Instagram]