Sonja Morgan Admits ‘Sure I Was Buzzed’

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Oh, Sonja. Did you not watch the Real Housewives of New York last night? What you were is not "buzzed", it was wasted. (And according to the previews for next week things just keep going downhill for you.) Instead of denying, you should own it. We love drunk Sonja!! At least you are — normally — fun and loving as opposed to angry and ready to throw a wine glass.

Aside from claiming to have just been "buzzed', Sonja Morgan shares some interesting insights in her latest Bravo blog. And judging from the writing — she definitely wrote this herself and I totally appreciate that!


Let's go from least to most dramatic moments with Sonja….

On being caught between confessional takes with both a cup of coffee and a Diet Coke, "I can't believe I was got caught on camera in the confessionals with the coffee and diet coke at once. I was embracing my inner trash. Priceless! When we film for five months it's not the healthiest time period for me. Hey! As Sinatra says 'Whatever gets you through the night!' I have my good moments and I sure have my bad moments."

The scene at the hat shop was pretty boring, if you ask me, but Sonja actually shares that something we may not have understood was actually an inside joke. "I love the hat scene at Suzanne's. LuAnn told me she was a pumpkin head and I said I was a pinhead. Ages ago! I like inside jokes between friends. It makes me feel closer that I can joke like that between close friends in front of others. It shows how intimate we are. (I) also have that with Ramona and Aviva."

Ramona is classless. Sonja will not say it, so I will. Bravo has made her feel like the Queen B and so she thinks she can say whatever she wants to whomever she wants. She was rude to George's fiance, Cody, at their engagement party no less, and that is that. Sonja, of course, is nicer than I am regarding Ramona. "I can't believe I say to Ramona a million times do NOT mention Cody's parents passing and of course she does! She says I'm a broken record and she tunes me out! Grrrrreat. Who doesn't hear the word leukemia?"

On to Saratoga. The ladies all seemed excited to go to the races. Sonja perhaps a little more than the others. Then the ladies won big and Sonja did not. Salt in the wound for a woman with money problems. Sonja drowns her problems with mimosas and tequila shots and disappears according to the other ladies, so they leave her. But Sonja has a totally different version of what went on.

"The girls left me in the paddock to go box hopping. They went without me. They didn't really want me to come, which is why I said, "You did not come and take me by the arm and say Son. . .we are leaving." I was with the rest of the crew, played the rest of the races, went to see friends in the winners' circle with winning horses, and then to Siro's."

"Lu told me over and over she was going to Siro's. I was sure to meet up with her there. The others were planning on going back to nap and eat dinner at home. I went back to the house to be "dramatized", accused of leaving them and being a mean drunk. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a lover and get mushy and kissy when I tip the cups. Quite the contrary to what the girls say!"

The confrontation that followed seemed to be a "mean" Sonja against the other girls. And we ended with Sonja vowing to leave and go to the Hamptons. But as we mentioned before — Sonja seems to meet up with the girls and get completely bombed. About which, she makes a great point. "Now later, when they talk "the straw that stirs the drink" into staying and not going off the Hampton's after doing the entire day at the track…. you will see drunk! Why do they need me to stay if I'm so mean?"


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