Is divorce is in the air over at the Parks-Nida residence or is Apollo Nida just giving his two cents about prenups? 

A good friend of Todd Tucker's, Apollo says he offered Todd advice during this week's episode of Kandi's Wedding because he believes Todd and Kandi Burruss are equals and started out an on even playing field where business savvy is concerned. 

Apollo says Todd was feeling stressed out about several situations from his issues with Mama Joyce to planning the wedding that left him feeling out of control. As a friend, Apollo advised him to stand up for himself. The prenup was one area Apollo had experience with given that he too is always accused of being after his wife's money. 


"It doesn’t matter what Kandi has at the end of the day," Apollo told StraightFromTheA. "Todd also put a lot on the line for the relationship." 

As for his own prenup Apollo says he wholeheartedly trusted Phaedra Parks but he should have spoken up a bit more. "Make sure you put your foot down… make sure you voice your opinion because I went into my relationship not really voicing an opinion," he says of lessons learned. "I believed that my wife had my best interest at hand… 1. being my wife and 2. being an attorney. So I was really nonchalant and I just feel back. So I told him, ‘Don’t make the mistake that I made’."

Apollo continues, "Not saying that someone was taking advantage of me, but it was a mistake not being proactive and not being hands on and knowing A through Z. You have to know. If you’ve done what I’ve done (by not speaking up)… you’re going to be blindsided."

It sounds like Todd took Apollo's advice to heart – and possibly because of his contentious relationship with Mama Joyce he felt more motivated to advocate for himself. The couple did settle on a prenup but rumor has it the wedding was almost called off due to last-minute negotiations! 

Apollo had plenty more to say, and STFA promises more juicy details in the coming days! You can see the video of Part 1 of Apollo's chat below. 

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