Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Tamra Judge Still Harping On Heather Dubrow’s Initial Good Day LA CUT “Snub”


I swear, if they're not arguing about chairs, the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County can find something equally as benign to bitch about–like gym promotions! Look, I understand why Tamra Judge wanted to be mad at Heather Dubrow for not offering up a CUT Fitness segment on her previous stint as a guest host on Good Day LA, but I don't really think that Heather had any pull regarding the situation. I'm not even a Heather fan this season (what happened?!?), but both women agree that Heather called her to fill her in on the situation when it happened, and Heather tried to rectify things–and promote CUT!–when given the opportunity. These women will complain about anything…and try to stir up drama at every turn. Lizzie Rovsek clearly learned that from watching past seasons…what was she trying to pull on Monday's episode?

Taking to her Bravo blog, Tamra begins, "Good Day L.A…. Let me tell you why I was so upset since you did not hear the whole story. Last summer I got a text from Heather saying she was going to co-host GDLA and wanted me to know that GDLA was bringing on another fitness studio and she had NOTHING to do with it. I said 'No worries' and thanked her for letting me know. I know there are a lot of gyms/fitness studios out there. A week later I see the segment on GDLA and they have the fitness studio SHE works out at (50 miles away from GDLA studio), HER chef and HER clothier on the same segment. So I thought to myself, 'REALLY, Heather, you had NO input, however all the guests were people you deal with directly?' My feelings were hurt!"


Reveling in her rampage of hurt feelings, Tamra writes, "I was on vacation with the family so I emailed her and explained that I had a hard time believing that she had NO input since she had a close connection to everyone of the guests. I told her that I have supported and promoted Terry's practice every chance I get. I went to Terry for my tattoo removal and Botox since I have met him (even though I already had a doctor). Has any other Housewife gone to Terry? I tweet every time Heather is on a TV to let my followers know to watch, we went to her filming in Hawaii to support her."

She continues, "Terry told me he was SO sorry his wife did that, that I have always supported both of them in their careers and he told her NOT to bring that other fitness studio on the show. SO, when Heather brought this up to me I had a flashback, it took right back to that day I saw the segment and what Terry told me. That is why I was so upset. I just had Heather in my wedding and I would have thought if she had the opportunity to bring on a fitness studio, why wouldn't she bring on mine? If Heather would have never called me and told me that she had 'nothing to do with it' I probably wouldn't have been so upset. I'm sure it still would have stung a little bit, but what could I have done about it? But I feel she lied to me." Ahhh, the PTSD that comes from Good Day LA….I'm sure Alexis Bellino can relate!

After seeing Vicki Gunvalson's take on the situation, Tamra felt even more misunderstood. She reveals, "Vicki had NO idea what had happened so to hear her comments make me laugh! If I had a opportunity to promote my friends business on TV and brought on Lizzie's bikini line and another insurance agent, Vicki would freak out! So I am calling bull**** on Vicki's comments. Truth be told, if I would have brought on another plastic surgeon, Heather would have been pissed at me for not promoting Terry. Friends just don't do that!" Wait, so are we to believe these ladies are actually real friends? Could've fooled me!

Reminding fans of her unwavering loyalty, Tamra asserts, "I am very loyal to my friends and their business. I was clearly upset and letting my emotions take over, and talking about it to the other ladies was not a good idea. I feel bad and I admit it was a stupid move on my part. However, I am not sure what Lizzie got out of bringing it up? Clearly she wanted to cause unnecessary drama. I walked away because I knew this conversation was going NOwhere fast. I'm learning to walk away when I know I am going to say something I don't mean."

Thankfully, everything seems to be working out in Tamra's favor. Funny how that works!  She shares, "In the end GDLA called me and asked me if I would like to bring on CUT Fitness to do a segment, with Heather's help. I am very thankful for the opportunity that I was given but sad that we had to go through all the drama to get there. I now believe Heather was being honest with me and I hope you understand why I questioned her."

Moving on to son Ryan's health scare, Tamra explains, "Dr. Lee was referred to me by one of my members. She is in her 40s, too, and knows the hormonal struggles you start to go through. I made an appointment with him to have my hormones tested and to talk to him about HRT. I have heard Suzanne Somers swears by it for years and thought I would see what it was all about," adding, "When Ryan came over and told me that he was taking Human Growth Hormone without a prescription, I knew that was not a safe. I knew very little about HGH but what I did know is that you needed a prescription from a doctor to take it. HGH is not an anabolic steroid, however I had many concerns about Ryan taking it due to his past complications with steroid use eight years prior. Dr. Lee has 30 years of experience with world class athletes, health and fitness professionals — he prescribes HGH to many people. I knew instantly that Ryan should go see Dr. Lee so he could test his blood and talk to him about what he is putting into his body." 

Tamra concludes, "Ryan had been buying HGH out of the parking lot of his gym he worked out at (not CUT Fitness — we are not a that kind of gym, we are a group fitness studio). I also knew if I started lecturing Ryan on what he was doing he was going to get mad at me and there was no way I would get him into see Dr. Lee. After having his blood tested we were both in shock! I knew what he was doing to his body was not safe but had NO idea his health was so bad. His iron levels were so high and that was NOT from HGH. The doctor told him that he might be dealing with Hepatitis C or a genetic blood disorder called hemochromatosis. He suggested that he go off the HGH and retest his blood in a few weeks… Stay tuned for the results."

Wait, so let me get this straight? It's not okay for Heather to promote her personal gym that isn't CUT Fitness, but it's quite alright for Tamra's son to work out elsewhere? Oh, Tammy. Thanks for reminding me of how much you love a double standard! 


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