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Last night's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was all about pee pee pictures and repentance…with lots of freeloading thrown in for good measure. Let's get to dissecting that craziness, shall we? 

Oh gracious. Kylie Redd and the purple haired girl Kalenna pick up Rasheeda in a van en route to New Orleans. The ladies are ready to drink and twerk and Kirk Frost looks a bit bewildered as he's left to deal with Karter, his mother-in-law, and his growing Adam's apple. Once the road trip begins, Rasheeda wants to hear all about Karlie being kicked out of Benzino's new club. Karlie retracts her statement that she liked the Zeen's tiny peen after he accused her missing it. She'll take Yung Joc's kielbasa sausage over Zino's little Vienna wiener any day of the week. To prove her point, Karlie has requested a "d" pic from her current man…and his permission to post it in all his glory side-by-side with Zino's for a size comparison. Who does this stuff? I mean, really?


Ariane is in love, and she's spending most of her time in New York City. She and Erica Dixon are catching up over lunch, and Erica reveals that O'Shea's constant requests for her credit card are getting old. She feels like she's got another child. However, when it comes to the bedroom, he's head and shoulders above Lil' Scrappy. Erica jokes that O'Shea has her hypnotized, but take out the "hyp" and replace it with the subject of Karlie's photo roll. 

After their blow up, Stevie J. is trying to make up for the fact Joseline Hernandez is upset about his wandering eyes and nudie pictures on his phone. He's planned a bubble bath for the two of them. His motto is deny, deny, deny until you can't deny anymore…and then charm the panties of her. He then apologizes for the pictures as Joseline climbs into the tub in her underwear for a make-out session. My eyes! Nikko is just as gross a Stevie, so it's clear that Mimi Faust has a type. Mimi wants to straighten out some things: Nikko is way too excited about the release of their sex tape, and he needs to tell her if Althea starts putting the moves on him. He almost looks cross-eyed as he promises that nothing is going on with his former flame.

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While Rasheeda plays with the girls in New Orleans, Kirk is struggling to be Mr. Mom. It's gotten so bad, he's enlisted the help of his mother-in-law. Too bad he's not having bro-time with Benzino and Stevie who are recapping the volatile grand opening of Sleazy & Zino's Bistro and Bar. Zino claims that Karlie photoshopped his johnson to make it look smaller. Sure, we all know that Karlie is bright enough to figure out photoshop! Benzino isn't surprised by Karlie's behavior, but he thinks Althea needs to handle herself better if she's going to be his wife. 

Kirk is trying to get along with Shirleen, but she can't stand him and it shows. She's a thousand times better for Karter than him or any nanny, and she keeps kissing Karter on the mouth despite Kirk's multiple protests…and him physically pushing her forehead away from the baby. He tells her not to kiss his baby, and she goes off on how Karter isn't just his baby. In the heat of the moment, Kirk perfectly recites his lines exclaims that he had a paternity test done just to make sure that Karter was actually his. Shirleen can't wait to share this piece of news with her daughter.

Scrappy and Erica are catching up over dinner. Now that he has broken up with Bambi, he feels like he can share the ups and downs of their relationship. Erica tells Scrap that she appreciates the financial stability that he brought to their relationship. Scrappy wonders why O'Shea's modeling isn't more lucrative. I do think that Scrappy and Erica do so much better together when they aren't together, but they're so cute when they interact, I kind of want Mona to write a reconciliation!

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Mimi finds lipstick on the collar of one of Nikko's t-shirts, but he's got quite the alibi–strip club, baby! She reminds him that he was supposed to be at the studio the night he was allegedly at the club, so which story is it? She has seen enough of his smirking denials and quickly asks him to give back her key and her garage door opener. What's with all these freeloaders? She questions him again as to whether he leaked their sex tape, but he is still denying it…with that same smirk. Nikko isn't concerned about being exiled from Mimi's as maybe some time apart will do them good. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Rasheeda hears from her mom about Kirk's paternity test, and she is beyond livid. Kalenna and Karlie are not surprised by Kirk's shady behavior.

O'Shea has stormed out on Erica, packed up his stuff, and left her house. Again, why? Of course, he doesn't get too far because he's run out of gas. He and Erica fight on the side of the road as she screams about him using her to pay for everything. He reminds her that she's the one who spent the evening before with her ex, and oh, by the way, he was broke when they met so nothing has changed. O'Shea tries to wrestle the cash out of her hand so he can fill up his tank…seriously? Go bum a few bucks off a camera man! 

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Stevie and Joseline are shopping for art for their bare house. She wants him to play the role of manager and producer rather than decorator. If he promises to be a good boy and find her the perfect song, she'll agree to the thing he's been begging her to do for the last few months. Did somebody say threesome? You know who else loves threesomes? Kirk! After the ladies have wild night out in New Orleans, and they find some friends to keep partying with late night. As they are walking down the deserted street (because there are never people roaming around New Orleans at all hours of the night), the group comes face to face with Kirk. He tries to apologize to Rasheeda. Kirk's behavior was so last year. He just made a simple mistake. Um…she bawls crying as he professes his love. He wants her to start wearing her ring again…and he's upgraded the setting, so that's a plus.


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