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Briana Mason, Christy McGinty, Elena Gant, Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, and Traci Harrison are here to show the world that they can do anything an average size person can do, sometimes even better!  This includes, bringing the drama on Little Women: LA!

Episode 4 begins with the newly engaged couple, Christy and Todd painting some rooms of their home.  Painting isn’t an easy task for anyone and I would imagine it’s slightly more difficult for a little person, but this isn’t what is distracting Christy from her task.  What is distracting her is the fact that she is 3 days “late” and Todd doesn’t know.  To test the waters, Christy asks Todd if he would prefer to have an average or little baby.  He quickly answers that he would just like to have a healthy baby, as he lost his last baby with his first wife.  Christy  points out that there is a rhythm to painting, you know, kind of like the rhythm method she uses as a form of birth control. After all, there’s an app for that!

Meanwhile, Briana, Elena, and Terra are attending a hip hop class.  These girls really love to dance!  After the class, Briana brings up an issue she’s been having concerning her ex husband, Lief and his new girlfriend.  Her daughter has been telling her that she feels very left out when she stays at her father’s house and much of the reason is that he is focusing most of his attention on Jackie, the new girlfriend. Terra can relate to this, as she grew up with divorced parents and offers to go Briana’s daughter’s gymnastics class where she will be seeing Lief. Briana is grateful for this moral support.

It’s a good thing Terra got that extra dance class in, because she and Tonya got a gig performing in a hot new nightclub.  Terra will be performing as Mini Lady Gaga and Tonya has the role of Mini Beyonce.  Briana is filming their rehearsals and I’m a little worried for them at this point, because it doesn’t seem very organized and there are only three days until they go on stage in front of 1,200 people.  Terra announces that she has invited all the girls to the show, including her competition Elena, who is also a Mini Gaga performer.  This adds a lot of pressure for Terra.

Little Women - Lifetime

In an attempt to get their minds off their ex’s, Briana and Tonya go speed dating.  Speed dating is awkward as usual, but it sure is fun to watch.  Tonya is looking for a BMW, “Black Man Working.” Lucky for her, Trevor comes along and fits this description.  He asks Tonya if she is seeing anyone, and she admits that she has had a long distance, on again, off again relationship with her ex, but she’s completely ready to move on. Trevor seems really nice and they seem to hit it off. Oh, and he’s circumcised, which was a question both Briana and Tonya deemed necessary to ask during speed dating.  Maybe it’s a deal breaker for them?

It’s time for the dreaded gymnastics meet.  Briana’s daughter is too adorable for words.  Briana and Terra wait to see if Lief will show up, and if he will be with his new gal.  Turns out, he shows up alone and he and Briana step aside to exchange some words.  Briana explains that Lief bringing their daughter around Jackie is a violation of their agreement. The agreement is that their daughter will only be exposed to counterparts of a serious relationship, after meeting with the other parent.  First Lief claims Jackie is just a friend, but when Briana challenges that as not being part of the agreement, he says that he and Jackie have a “serious friendship.”  Ugh, I’m annoyed for Briana.  Lief comes off as very immature about the situation, but in the end, they agree that Briana and Jackie will meet.

Little Women - Lifetime

It’s now “Sunset Friday,” with Christy and Todd, and Christy is now four days late.  Once again, she dips her toe in the water and brings up babies with Todd.  Todd is very concerned because of losing his last baby.  He explains that when the birth parents are both little people, there is a twenty­five percent chance that the baby will be born with a condition that is fatal.  He gets very emotional and it was hard to watch.   Briana continues to worry about how she will spill the beans about the potential pregnancy.

Little Women - Lifetime

The day of the Mini Gaga and Mini Beyonce performance has arrived!  Prior to the performance, Tonya meets Trevor for a date because he is not receiving an invite to the performance.  Tonya’s reasoning for this is, she just met him, and Terra has been kind of controlling lately.  At the club, Elena says she thinks Terra is probably really nervous about performing in front of her, as she is her rival Mini Gaga, and Terra confirms these feelings.  However, backstage, Tonya seems more concerned with Trevor’s bad shoe selection for their date.  I have to agree.. Note to men: women are always going to look at your shoes.  Make sure they are nice!

Perhaps Tonya should have focused a little more on some aspects of her performance, such as her costumes, because in seconds Mini Beyonce transforms into Mini Janet Jackson with a nip slip of a wardrobe malfunction!  Christy finds this hilarious and Elena confirms that her version of Mini Gaga is much better than Terra’s because she actually performs and doesn’t just twerk.  I thought the show looked like a lot of fun and the people at the club seemed to really enjoy it.

A surprise appearance is made by Terra’s boyfriend, Joe, after the performance.  At first he is really sweet and charming with Terra, but then all of his focus turns to Elena.  I feel he mostly does this to get a rise out of Terra, but he takes it a little too far when he starts trying to form a bond with Elena over sharing the same type of dwarfism and hating on the form of dwarfism his girlfriend has.  Terra makes it clear she is not happy by making a huge scene.

The day has come for Briana to meet Jackie, her ex husband’s “serious friend.”  Lief shows up to the restaurant, but without Jackie.  He claims Jackie chose not to come because she knows how Briana treats him and doesn’t want to be any part of it.  An argument begins about how Lief likes to play the victim, but in reality he was out every weekend while Briana stayed home, pregnant and alone.  Briana says Lief put his needs before hers and she is scared that he will do the same thing with their daughter.  The conversation does not seem very productive.  There are a lot of issues, besides Jackie, that are still unresolved in this relationship, but I do believe that Briana has her daughter’s best interest at heart.

Finally, as Todd is trying to find his socks, Christy decides it’s time to break the news to him about the potential pregnancy.  She is now seven days late and believes that the rhythm method app has failed them.  Ideally, Christy wanted to be married before they got pregnant, but Todd seems to take the news well and they decide they will take a pregnancy test the following day.

Next week:  Joe continues to hit on Elena, Terra continues to get angry about it, Todd and Christy take dance lessons, Tonya’s ex comes to town, and Tonya and Elena get in an argument!  Can’t wait!


Recap Author: Cecile O'Neal

Photo Credit: Lifetime

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