Vicki Gunvalson Sides With Heather Dubrow Over Good Day L.A. Ridiculousness

Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra Vicki

Never saw this one coming! Vicki Gunvalson has brought a level head to an argument between friends! The Real Housewives of Orange County star has often been full of contradictions. We all remember her screaming at Gretchen Rossi — dressed for the 80s with crimped hair, no less — about Brooks' issues with his outstanding child support being none of her business when Vicki had brought up Slade's child support issues numerous times in the past.

Well, apparently that is the Vicki of past seasons. Because when it came down to choosing sides between Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow, she brought a level head and logic to the table. She explained her rational decision in her latest Bravo blog.


"This Good Day LA situation with Heather and Tamra is just silly to me. I mean, really! I look at it completely different than Tamra does. If Heather works out at a gym in Newport (which is nowhere near Tamra’s gym), why can’t she have that gym on to showcase their workout? Why does Heather owe Tamra a “free commercial” to CUT Fitness when she doesn’t even work out there? I’ve tried to put myself in both situations, and I err on the side of Heather on this one as this is how I see it. I insure over 7,000 clients in the past 26 years of being in business. I do not insure Heather and Terry’s personal lines or his medical practice. If Heather and Terry chose to have their insurance agent/company on Good Day LA to support their business relationship, why would I be offended? I mean, really? I wouldn’t be offended at all. It’s a GIFT to be able to be on a show like Good Day LA and the fact Heather did tell Tamra that she wanted to put her on eventually then Tamra should have said “thank you!” I’m sorry, Tamra, if you’re upset with this one, but sincerely I don’t think you had any place to be mad at Heather. She was coming from a good place, not an evil place."

Wow! I almost have nothing more to add. Well said! I personally feel that Tamra was going to bring drama to the situation regardless. It is a win-win for CUT Fitness. She gets to have her segment on Good Day L.A. and we have now been talking about that segment for an additional three weeks. And who knows if it is over? Now, I cannot wait to see what Tamra does when she finds out that Vicki thinks she is in the wrong….

Vicki also shared her opinion on Shannon Beador's marital situation. I am not sure I have ever called a marriage a 'marital situation,' but I think that is really what receiving an email from your spouse saying he may need to move out for awhile may be. We all watched Vicki and Donn go through major marital issues as well as a divorce on the show, so Vicki can really understand where she is coming from.

"I remember when Donn and I were going thru our “issues”… sometimes emails turn out to be the easiest form to communicate with one another. For David to share his feelings with Shannon as he did, he probably felt they were just going to stay between them. My heart breaks for David and Shannon and I hope they are able to get their marriage back on track for the sake of their family. The grass isn’t always “greener” on the other side and to me they need to water the grass they are on. Take it from me –- divorce is costly and it destroys the children in some way or another. I’ve been a good friend to Shannon and I’m there for her whenever she needs me and I’m encouraging her to get the necessary help to keep her marriage together."

Okay, enough with the depressing marriage problems and petty arguments. Vicki is going to be a grandma again! Monday night we got to see Briana share her gender reveal with her mom.

"It was so much fun for Briana and Ryan to bring over the box with the color of the balloons in it for the gender reveal. Even they didn’t know what it was going to be — so it was really fun for all of us to experience it together. I’m really happy that Briana is having a boy even though I said I wanted her to have a girl, because I know Troy will have that built in buddy that every boy needs. All we pray for now is a healthy baby and momma."

She goes on to say that Briana is on modified bed rest in Oklahoma, where she has been traveling back and forth every three weeks. And Oklahoma seems to be growing on her. Anyone who has watched the show for years, knew that Vicki's reaction to Oklahoma was not about Oklahoma. She would not have liked any state where her daughter and grandson were moving.

Briana is due around July, 11. So we will let you know as soon as we know the new baby boy is here!


[Photo Courtesy: Tamra Judge on Instagram]