Former RHOC Star Lydia McLaughlin On Having Another Boy And Staying In Touch With The Housewives

Lydia McLaughlin belly bump

When Lydia McLaughlin opted not to return to the Real Housewives of Orange County for season 9, most viewers — me included — thought she just didn't want to deal with all the drama. During her season she had to deal with the whole Vicki/Laurie skiing screaming match, if you do recall. But that actually was not the case at all.

The real reason Lydia opted not to return, was in order to focus on having a third baby. After announcing in April that she was pregnant, Lydia is now ready to reveal the baby's gender. In a new interview with OK! magazine, the entrepreneur also talks about some up-coming projects and if she keeps in touch with any of the other housewives.


Well, it will be another boy for Lydia and her husband, Doug. After having two boys, Lydia openly wished for a girl. So was there any disappointment?

"No, I actually surprised myself, because even though I told friends I wanted a daughter, as soon as you find out you’re having a healthy baby, the gender doesn’t matter and you just get excited. I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything. We’re going to raise three great little gentleman, and the world needs more gentlemen."

Agreed! The world does need more gentlemen!! After naming her first two sons Stirling and Maverick, Lydia also could not go with just any other name for the new baby, "we’re going with Roman, which represents my Italian roots."

Lydia and her husband run several businesses, including a magazine, plus she is writing a memoir. (Really?? Does every housewife need to become a writer?? This is getting out of hand!) Despite everything she has going on, Lydia has no plans to slow down.

"My book is going to be released later this year, right around Roman’s due date, or in early 2015, so he’ll be coming on the book tour with us. I love my work and feel like it gives me a lot of energy. If I didn’t have that outlet, I’d probably just sit at home, thinking, “Oh, my gosh, I’m pregnant. How many days do I have left?”

Now for the juicy stuff — you know you all want to know if she watches the show or has kept in contact with any of the other Housewives.

"I haven’t seen an episode. I didn’t watch the show before I was on it, so I haven’t watched it after. I still see Gretchen and Alexis, though. We’ve remained friends. Alexis and I were actually workout buddies before this pregnancy, and we’ve continued to go to classes together. There are aspects of the show that I miss. Who knows what the future holds? That door definitely hasn’t closed."

Has a Housewife ever left the show and come back? I guess Laurie kind of did. But she was only a bit player when she came back and we haven't seen her since. And there's Dina Manzo, too. 

Isn't it ironic that she keeps in touch with the two women who were fired after her season?? Weird!


[Photo Courtesy: Lydia McLaughlin on Instagram]