Mona Scott Young Accused Of Lying So Stevie J Could Avoid Paying His $1.2 Million Child Support!

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Mona Scott Young has been accused of a lot of cover-ups lately. According to a new report, Mona is so desperate to protect the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta brand she is lying about her stars to keep them on the show! 

Stevie J was arrested this month for owing over $1 million in back child support for his two minor children (aged 14 and 16) from a previous relationship with Carole Antoinette Bennett. Stevie, through his attorney, called the allegation "preposterous". 

It was Mona who posted the $25k bail for her prized Stevie. It seems Stevie's true financial status has been in question for some time. In April, Mona, along with several producers and music industry execs and insiders who do business with Stevie, were subpoenaed by Project Child Support (a non-profit which aids custodial parents in seeking funds owed for child support), to determine his true "income and revenue sources."


Neither Joseline Hernandez, nor Stevie responded to the summons requests, therefore they are both in violation with the court.

PCS (Project Child Support) filed petition on behalf of Carol, a former music industry exec, to seize Stevie's assets from all his revenue sources – including his L&HH:ATL paycheck – until his child support, arrears, and fees were paid in full! I am sure Joseline didn't like that… <eye roll> 

And this is where Mona comes into play! According to the testimony provided by Mona, her company, Monami Entertainment, did not do ANY business with Stevie! Ummm… uhhh… isn't this the most easily proven lie in history? Anyway, this has PCS wondering just what's up!

“I don’t understand how an Executive Producer of a hit television reality series does not enter into any agreements with the cast or any organizations contracted with the cast of a television production," says Kai Patterson the founder of PCS. "This is a felony child support evasion case, and helping someone commit a felony crime is a felony crime.  We are going cooperate with the federal agencies investigating this case and provide them with copies of all documents we received that are related to this case, including Mona Scott’s court ordered subpoena response.” The foundation cites Mona bailing Stevie out of jail as further proof that she is somehow connected to his income stream. 

Stevie will be headed to FEDERAL TRIAL as a result of his negligence in paying support. This trial came about as a result of a federal investigation into Stevie allegedly hiding income through various ventures. Oh my! The courts discovered that Stevie owes $1,026,622.84 in back support. PCS claims that Stevie, nor his lawyer, took the case seriously and when contacted by the government to make good on his support Stevie instead opened a restaurant! Oops. 

This isn't the first time Mona has apparently lied on Stevie's behalf. Recently Joseline accused Stevie of physical abuse and claimed Mona made her hide the truth from the public! Stevie was also reportedly arrested on a drug charge in May. 

PCS has a detailed history of their due process and information about Stevie's arrears. It's an interesting read, with substantiating links! 

Well, well… this should get interesting! 

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