Josh Taekman Getting A Bad Edit On RHONY; Brandi Glanville Defends His Dry Sense of Humor

kristen taekman and josh argue

On Brandi Glanville’s podcast this week she spent time setting the record straight on a few rumors floating around, but she also devoted some time to helping Josh Taekman clear up some misconceptions about his marriage to Kristen.

Kristen Taekman, who is one of Brandi’s BFFs, is new this season on Real Housewives of New York.  While we are loving Kristen, her husband Josh has been a little hard to take.  Brandi wanted to help by explaining what a great guy Josh is and sharing that editing is making him look like an ass, but he really, really isn’t – he just has a dry sense of humor that’s not coming across well on TV!

Josh called in to Brandi’s podcast and shared that it’s been tough to watch to his scenes on the show each week.  “It makes me cringe, it makes me sick to my stomach because Kristen and I have been together almost twelve years, we have a strong relationship. We’re far from perfect just like any relationship.  I’m building a business which is incredibly stressful, but at the end of the day we are deeply in love and love our children and have a great working relationship.  But we also have a lot of inside jokes and those do not translate at all.” 

Brandi chimed in, “and then they don’t show Kristen laughing, it’s dead silence. I know it was a joke and Kristen does not cook ever.  And she’d be like ‘go to Brandi’s to get your food.’ I know your schtick, but it’s not translating and I just got to done saying what a great guy you are and what a great dad you are. And you’re a good husband too.  Yes, relationships are work. ”  Then Brandi gives the typical reality star gripe, “But you find that people are judging you for the one hour a week they see you on TV,  who you are as a human being in total.”  (Note to’s not as if we can all get together for drinks and get to know the REAL anyone on these reality shows, so that ONE HOUR a week is all we have to go on in most cases..duh.)

Josh agrees, “For sure. Neither of us have ever had cameras on us. Kristen does a much better job than I do. I’m not necessarily comfortable in front of the cameras. There’s a learning curve.  You just shoot it, you don’t know how it ends up in terms of how you look.”  That said, Josh admits that it’s adding value to their life because they’re seeing things that they didn’t see before.

Brandi shares, “I know you guys have such a great relationship so I’m finding myself defending you and saying ‘you guys don’t get what they have’.  I’ve been with your family at xmas, so I see the wonderful close knit family that you are. ”  She continues, “I want everyone out there to know that Josh has a dry sense of humor but he’s very fun and he’s not a dick.”

Josh replies, “I appreciate that.  Tonight (Tuesday’s episode) I looked even worse and that makes me cringe.  You learn a lot and it’s definitely not the person I want to be.”

Brandi says she’s been in his shoes.  “I hate this is happening to you, I’ve been there and I know it sucks, but you have to get a thick skin.  But you are a good guy.”

Josh is humble about not being perfect, “We have our friends that know us and those are the people that are important, but you know what? I don’t want the perception that I’m someone that I’m not, but I’m not perfect so I learned form this as well.  If anyone wants to judge me, I challenge anyone to spend a week with us and form an opinion then.”

Brandi says she’s got thick skin now, “It bothers my friends more than it bothers me.  (Getting trashed by the viewers, etc) You have to get a thick skin and you have to realize that you put yourself out there for consumption.  People are gonna write what they’re gonna write and you have to take the good with the bad.  The positive side of all of this is that I’m making a living on my own taking care of my children and it’s allowing me to give my children an amazing life.  If I have to trade a few negative bloggers for an amazing life with my children, so be it.”



Photo Credit: Bravo TV