Camille Grammer Files Counter-Suit Against Ex-Boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos!

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Camille Grammer is one lady who is truly unlucky in love! 

After her relationship with her so-called Greek God ended over allegations of domestic abuse, Camille pressed charges against Dimitri Charalambopoulos and obtained a restraining order against him.

But shockingly the case for felony assault was dismissed by a grand jury, citing not enough evidence. Camille alleges the most damning abuse occurred when she was recovering from a radical hysterectomy in a Houston hotel room; she produced photos displaying bruises and marks reportedly inflicted by Dimitri. Dimitri denies the entire thing and then sued Camille for defamation, malicious prosecution, slander, fraud, and more!


Well, Camille is firing back. Camille, who is reportedly returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a limited role, filed a counter-suit against Dimitri alleging that not only did he physically assault her, but she has more than enough damning evidence to substantiate her claims – including photos, eyewitnesses (DD?!), and other evidence. 

Camille is not only filing suit for the physical assault, she also cites another time Dimitri was physically aggressive towards her. The suit, filed by her attorney Larry Stein, recounts a time the couple was in Hawaii and the two argued over Dimitri’s drinking. Camille claims that Dimitri was already drunk but refused to stop taking shots. She says he reacted by “shoving a hot dog in her mouth,” reports TMZ. Dimitri then followed that up by commenting about how much Camille enjoys having a hot dog in her mouth. 1) Disgusting. 2) Camille eats hot dogs? 

Camille says Dimitri regularly did things to humiliate her. She also cites an incident where after her surgery he came to the hospital and put a ring on her finger while she was completely out of it from the drugs. Camille reveals she thought it was a sweet gesture but two days later when she was more lucid noticed the ring had a plastic penis on it and she is mortified that she was wearing that in front of family, friends, and hospital staff for two days. 

This guy is a complete douche! I’m glad Camille is done with him. However, I don’t think the former Mrs. Grammer should be allowed to choose her own boyfriends from now on. First Kelsey, then Dimitri, let’s get this woman on and find her a good man. 

Camille is seeking an unspecified financial amount in her suit. 

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