Apollo Nida’s Restitution Order – See The Breakdown Of The $1.9 Million He Owes!

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Presents:

The verdict is in for Apollo Nida’s restitution amount in his bank fraud case and it’s staggering (but probably less he deserves).  The Real Housewives of Atlanta star owes his victims a total of $1.9 million and, as we reported earlier, was sentenced to eight years in prison

The order was entered this week and a breakdown reveals that Apollo’s largest amounts will go to JP Morgan Chase Bank (828,000), Campus USA Credit Union (277,000), and UP2Drive BMW Bank (100,000). 

“Based on the consent motion of the parties and the court’s review of the record in this matter, the court directs defendant Apollo E. Nida to pay restitution to the Clerk of Court I the total amount of $1,948.214.85. This amount is due and payable immediately.  Restitution is payable jointly and severally with the restitution order to be entered in United States v. Gayla O’Neal St. Julien, 1:13-CR-00403-CAP.”

“For any unpaid balance, the court imposes the following payment schedule: During any period of incarceration, payment of any criminal monetary debt remains due and may be made in accordance with the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program (IFRP). Any portion of the criminal monetary debt that remains unpaid at the time of defendant Apollo E. Nida’s release from imprisonment shall be paid at the monthly rate of at least $250.00 plus 25% of gross monthly income in excess of $2,300. The payment schedule shall not preclude enforcement of the restitution judgment by the United States Attorney pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§3613 and 3664(m).” 

Click the link below to read the whole list of banks, state treasurer offices, etc that will recoup some money they were duped out of by Apollo.  It’s pretty short and to the point document.   




Photo Credit:  Raymond Boyd/Getty Images