Does anyone else just love watching bachelorette parties on reality TV shows? I know I do, especially when they involve Las Vegas, and this episode of Little Women: LA did not let me down!

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”… Unless you’re on a reality TV show and the whole thing is being filmed for millions of people to watch. Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Traci Harrison, Briana Mason, Christy McGinty, and Elena Gant arrive at their hotel. I guess Traci and Christy decided to have a joint bachelorette party after all. Elena tells us that they are going to party it up tonight, because the boys will be arriving the following day.

 The girls have a brief discussion about how much attention they received in the lobby for being little people. Apparently, there was a lot of staring. Most of the girls laugh it off, but it really bothers Traci. They try to decide on plans for the day and evening. Some want to go to the pool, some want to go to the club, and Christy wants to go skydiving. In their bedroom, Christy tells Elena and Briana how she hopes to see some glimpses of the “old Traci” this weekend, who was a little more wild and fun, back in the day.

The pool won for the first activity of the day. The “Triple T’s” arrive first (Tonya, Terra, and Traci). It’s clear that there is a little bit of a divide between the two groups of girls. Traci hopes for a drama free Vegas Vacation, because she already kicked Christy out of her wedding, and she isn’t afraid to kick her out of the bachelorette party too! Yikes. Team Christy arrive and they are ready to party. They want to order some shots, when Traci begins acting like a stick in the mud. They bargain with her to cut loose and come to the agreement that she’s only allowed to say no to strippers and kissing. That’s a pretty big window you left open for yourself there, Traci!

It’s off to Indoor Skydiving for the Little Ladies of LA in LV. Traci is really nervous and I anticipate her breaking the agreement and saying “no” to this real quick. Christy goes first and Traci can’t even bear the noise. It’s too loud for her and she wants out. Well, that didn’t take very long! She watches from the outside as all of the other girls give it a try, builds up some courage, and goes back in to give a shot. Good for her and good for the other girls for being supportive and helping her step out of her comfort zone!


All of the girls are getting all dolled up for their night out. Christy asks Traci to cut loose and show her wild side and Traci says she will. The brides to be open up some mandatory bachelorette party gifts, AKA: anything that is penis shaped, and head out to party. The girls are getting a lot of attention once again. People are staring and want pictures. Traci says that being a little person is like being famous without the fame. To be fair, they do have a camera crew with them, which probably doubles the attention on this occasion, but I know they get their fair share of unwanted attention as well. The ladies are having a blast. Traci sticks to her word and really lets her hair down. She’s dancing on the table, taking money with her teeth (yuck!), and booty dancing with a random man! Christy joins in and it makes me happy to see them getting along so well. Maybe Christy will get re-invited to the wedding??

The next morning, everyone looks like they are dragging just a little from the crazy night before. There is no time for being hungover, because they have planned a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt and they are playing in teams. The “Triple T’s” vs. “Team Christy.” The brides have to perform every task on the list and whoever does this and makes it back to the suite first, wins! The tasks consist of things like, ask a man for a lapdance, ask a man to propose to you, and ask a man for a condom. The girls are having a lot of fun with it and it’s very entertaining to watch. However, the fun comes to a halt when some ignorant lady decides to walk up to Briana, pat her on the head and tell her how adorable she is. Briana checks her real fast. She asks the lady, “Who do you normally pat on the head?” And the seemingly inebriated girl replies, “I don’t knooooww, like a dog?” This is Briana’s point exactly. Keep your hands and comments to yourself, people! The “Triple T’s” also had some issues with people taking photos of them without asking. These kinds of things must be super frustrating, but the girls carry on. There’s a competition on the line!

“Team Christy” wins! Traci is a little skeptical and pouts for a moment, but the discussion quickly turns to the rude people they encountered earlier. Elena feels that some people just don’t know better, so she chooses to ignore it. Terra doesn’t have any patience for it and will speak up. It’s nice to see everyone’s view on hot topics, such as these. I think these scenes serve as educational moments. Viewers get to see situations from the perspective of the girls and that can promote a better understanding.

The boys arrive downstairs to pick up the girls for a couples night out. Poor Briana is the eleventh wheel in this party of ten couples, but she keeps good spirits about it. Terra tells her not to fret because she has invited a man friend and she’s sure they’ll hit it off. Terra’s friend is a little people performer just like she is and he and Briana have a good time dancing and hanging out together. Suddenly, Christy and Todd disappear. Everyone wonders where they are and it turns out that Christy has pulled him aside because she wants to get married, like now! She doesn’t want to wait and plan a wedding anymore, she wants to do it the next day while they are in Vegas. Todd is really sweet and tells her that as long as she can look back on their story for years and years and be happy with it, he will do whatever she wants.

Christy goes back to the table to tell Briana the news and they both announce it to the rest of the group. Everyone is shocked and excited, except for Traci who thinks a quickie wedding is a horrible idea. Someone says something along the lines of, “At this rate Christy might be pregnant before Traci.” To which Traci responds, “She might be pregnant right now.” Shady, shady!

The next day Christy searches for something bride-like to wear without success except for some flip flops that have white on them. Todd checks in with Christy to make sure she really wants to go through with a Las Vegas style wedding and make she won’t have any regrets. They acknowledge that their families might feel a little hurt, but Christy thinks they will get over it and wants to go through with it. At the chapel, Todd tells Christy, “Let’s go write our story.” So cute!


Todd is waiting at the altar for his leopard-printed-dress-wearing bride. Christy comes around the corner, but stops and tells Todd to come talk to her. She cannot go through with this. She knows she wants to marry Todd, but now thinks that she will majorly regret not having a big wedding with family and friends. (Did anyone else see this coming? I kind of did.) Todd, being the most patient man ever, is totally fine with this decision. He admits that it was very hard for him to tell his father that they would be eloping, but he will do anything to make Christy happy. They announce the news to everyone else and Christy admits that Traci was right about the quickie wedding being a bad idea. Traci responds by saying, “And so the race is on again.” She just loves getting those little jabs in! This episode was so much fun to watch. I can’t believe the season is almost over!

Next time on the season finale of Little Women LA: Christy tries on wedding dresses, Todd doesn’t want to write his own vows, Tonya drills Joe about his plans regarding Terra and then moves on to Elena’s husband about whether or not they are having a baby, and it’s finally Christy’s big day!



 Recap Author: Cecile O’Neil

Photo Credit: Lifetime


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