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Don’t Be Tardy star, Kim Zolciak is one very proud mama! Not just to her six kids, but also to her one of her biggest endeavors to date. The building of her dream home with husband, Kroy Biermann. Building the house has not been without it’s issues. After purchasing the unfinished home for a whopping $880,000, Kim and Kroy began major renovations, which apparently went WAY over-budget causing them to have to borrow another $300,000 in order to finish construction.

Well, all of the money seems to be well spent. The house — nicknamed Zolciak Manor —  is gorgeous and features eight fireplaces, sweeping views, elaborate chandeliers and a two-story master closet.


Also included in the house — an elevator. Which Kim seems to love and hate. In the clip she waits and waits for the elevator to arrive, only for it to be filled to the brim with camping supplies. She also says it is a great place to hid away and have sex. I am sure she and Kroy get very little alone time with 6 kids. a complete staff and the Don’t Be Tardy crew. I would hide too!

The room that the former star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta seems most proud of, is what she calls the Hollywood Room, which is the older girls TV room. It seems a bit fancy for a room where teenagers hang out. I hope she doesn’t allow food or drink in there. The sofas are white after all!

Kim also shows off her dining room, which is blinged out! Rhinestones adorn the side chairs as well as the curtains. Which goes perfectly with the over the top Versace china, which she has never used. I wonder if her everyday plates have bling? But judging by the Red Solo cup she carries throughout the tour, I would guess that they are paper.

No matter what your taste may be. Kim’s home is beautiful and she claims to have done all of the decorating herself. “I think I missed my calling! My builders and ppl who have seen my house all say I should be a decorator! I have the vision!,” Kim announced on twitter soon after her dream home was finished. Ummm, no thanks. I prefer my dining room without rhinestones.

Check out the video below for the complete tour of Zolciak Manor.



Programming note: Bravo is airing episode 2 of Don’t Be Tardy tomorrow night and then episode 3 will air on Sunday night after the new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.   Because Bravo loves to keep us on our toes….

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