Are The Ladies Of London Still Friends? Which Season One Moments Were Their Favorites?

Ladies of London cast

Season one of Ladies of London came to an end this week. 

If I can’t have a Caroline Stanbury spinoff, I hope the show returns, but with a few changes to the cast. Caroline can stay, of course, along with Juliet Angus. I enjoy Caroline and Juliet’s friendship. Marissa Hermer, a people pleaser who likes everyone, Julie Montagu, whose estate brings major travel porn to the show, Noelle Reno, a pot stirrer who likes gold, can stay. Annabelle Neilson seemed uninterested and checked out all season, so she can go, and I hope to never see Caprice Bourret again.

Bravo caught up with the Ladies of London, as it’s been nearly a year since they ceased filming, to see what they’ve been up to the past year, who are still friends, and which moment from the show they most enjoyed. 


What have you been up to since Ladies of London ended?

Caroline said, “I have been traveling a lot, opening my wedding shop store in Ireland, and looking into expanding Gift Library to the USA.”

“I have started a fashion and lifestyle blog,” shared Juliet. “I’ve been working on my styling business. I have travelled to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Stockholm, and Marrakech. And I’ve been consulting for brands.”

Annabelle has been recovering from her nasty fall.

Marissa said, “Being pregnant, having our second son, and now juggling a newborn and a toddler. Planning the opening of our new American concept restaurant to open in London in Autumn 2014.”

Noelle‘s working on her jewelry brand, Lulu’s Estate Jewelry, writing several blogs, and working on a commerce and content play. 

“I’m back in London, first and foremost being mommy to my beautiful boys and girlfriend to Ty,” shared Caprice. “I’m back at the office running my company By Caprice Lingerie and Swim. We have had a phenomenal season, selling out of almost all styles in just two months. Furthermore I am filming a new TV show and shooting a new endorsement deal with a diamond company in England.”

Julie‘s promoting a Power Yoga DVD, writing a cookbook, The Flexi Foodie, launching an online nutrition course, Nutrition for Optimal Health, and raising her four kids.

Which of the Ladies of London cast do you still talk to?

Caroline talks to everyone but Caprice. Shocker.

Juliet says she keeps in touch with Caroline, Marissa, and Julie. She’s run into Noelle at events, but that’s the extent of their relationship anymore.

Annabelle keeps in touch with Julie, Marissa, Caprice, and Caroline.

Marissa said, “I see everyone except Caprice, who hasn’t really been in London.”

Noelle claims to speak to everyone.

Caprice shares her fabulous self with Noelle, Annabelle, and Julie. Lucky them.

Julie wrote a novel. She talks to Annabelle daily and meets her for breakfast once a week. She’s worked with Marissa for Bumpkin. She sees Juliet once a week for yoga and tea. She sees Caroline on a regular basis, as they’ve grown close. She only socializes with Noelle through a mutual friend and she’s only seen Caprice twice in the past year.

What were your favorite Ladies of London moments?

“The last polo scene, bonding with the girls,” shared Caroline. “I also loved the scenes with Annabelle after her fall, they were very emotional. I felt happy that I could be there for my friend, who was in so much pain.”

Juliet said, “Going to Mapperton, it was a lovely weekend (for the most part)!”

Annabelle enjoyed training Mr. Fickle, the fashion show, and Mapperton.

Marissa said, “I loved dancing with the girls at our Boujis VIP Tent at the polo match on the season finale.”

“It’s definitely the moments when we all have fun and bond without the drama,” said Noelle. “For example, in Caroline’s bed after the Mapperton dinner, drinking champagne with Marissa and Juliet on the way to Caroline’s dinner party, and going to the Wellington night club.”

Caprice shared, “The birth of my boys was by far the most memorable and favorite moment from the show. The boys are healthy and so happy. They are almost 1-year-old. Ty and I are very blessed.”

“Hands down Mapperton FOR SURE!” said Julie. “We were so lucky with the weather and we all genuinely had a super fun time the entire weekend. Well, overall it was super fun!”


Photo Credit: Rebecca Miller/Bravo