Kristen Taekman Opens Up About Her Marriage

kristen taekman

Kristen Taekman was the new girl on the block this season on the Real Housewives of New York and boy did she make her presence known! You do not often see the new girl stand up to the vets and call them out on their BS, but Kristen did. She was not afraid of Ramona Singer— although she probably should have been if Ramona had a glass of wine — and she stood of to crazy train Aviva Drescher as well.

But probably the most buzz-worthy moments with Kristen — minus the aforementioned Ramona wine glass toss — happened between Kristen and her husband, Josh Taekman. These two were not afraid to fight and show their true colors in front of the camera. I for one loved it — that is what a marriage sounds like a lot of the time. But viewers grew concerned. Well in the wake of the reunions beginning to air, Kristen is opening up about what the viewers do not get to see about her marriage.


Kristen wrote an open letter regarding her relationship for OK! Magazine. It was actually quite well written and I am here to give you some of my favorite excerpts.

“Everyone warned me that filming a reality show would be terrible for my marriage. It was actually fascinating for me, though. How often do you get a bird’s eye view of your relationship? Josh and I would watch the show together and be like, Oh dear God. Is that what I look like when we argue? I can’t believe I said that to you! That’s horrible!”

“After every episode, viewers would go on Twitter and tell me to divorce my husband. You’ve gotta love Twitter, right? I am really bummed about how he was portrayed. People are calling him a douche bag, and it really hurt him. He is not a douche bag. The show made him seem much harsher than he really is. Josh is an amazing guy, and a wonderful father.”

“The show was wonderful therapy. Remember the fight at the Spartan race? I watched it three times. The first time, I was like, “My husband is such an *sshole! He left me! He’s a jerk.” Second time I watched it, I was like, “I’m such a p*ssy. What is my problem?” The third time, it was 50/50. I ruined my husband’s day! So I have been using that.  I’ll pause and think, Okay, Kristen, you had a really sh*tty day. Don’t take it out on Josh. I’m a complainer, so I know that now and I’m working on it.”

“Marriage is really hard. It drains you. But that is the reality. Reality is not five nannies and two housekeepers. Josh and I are a normal couple with not-normal careers. What you see on screen is who we are. And we are a lot stronger than a reality show. Team Taekman all the way! With twelve years, two kids, and one season of reality TV under our belts, we are in it for the long haul.”

Dare I say that Kristen sounds like a rational woman?? Rational women rarely do well on reality TV. And especially not on the Real Housewives of New YorkAviva Drescher, I am talking to you!

I really do not want to put a nail in the coffin of this marriage, but with good heads on their shoulders, Kristen and Josh seem like they may beat the reality show marriage/divorce curse.

I have my fingers crossed for these two!


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