Kristen Taekman: ‘Josh And I Are In The Trenches’; Says Ramona Has ‘Anxiety And Anger Issues’

kristen taekman

The drama continues this week between Real Housewives of New York City stars Ramona Singer and Kristen Taekman. Much like 'Bookgate', this feud looks like there is no end in sight. And frankly, if I was Kristen, I wouldn't let it go either.

Kristen has much bigger fish to fry than Ramona. She also is struggling with the development of her daughter, Kingsley, which is causing strife between her and her husband, Josh.

In her Bravo blog this week, Kristen gives her latest opinion on Ramona and her obvious issues, as well as admitting that she and Josh are "in the trenches."


For her part, Kristen really enjoyed the Berkshires, after Ramona made her hasty exit. "We had such a great time in the Berkshires once Ramona left! I have two small kids so I am used to getting up really early and I don't like to go to bed late. . .Besides, Heather said the yoga guy was getting there at 9 am — so I was ready for some fun yoga with the girls."

If you have not watched this week's episode, it is a must, just to see Sonja Morgan do hungover yoga — hilarious!

Kirsten chose not to attend the Ramona-vention back in the city. For good reason, she seems to bring out the worst in her. If the ladies were going to have any chance at all to get through to her, she needed to be as calm as possible. (Or as calm as Ramona ever is!)

"The intervention with Ramona didn't go so well in my eyes. She kept telling every one else to not shout while she was yelling and screaming and obviously uncomfortable! You think she might have anxiety and anger issues??? If she does this is a good time to work on those issues. It's so obvious she didn't want to come to the Berkshires in the first place, so I wasn't surprised she made up an excuse to get back to her husband and wine in the Hamptons."

But according to Kristen, the hardest part of this week's episode was having to watch her and her husband fight, which they seem to do quite often….

"Watching this was hard for me because it is hard to watch back arguments with your husband. For all of you out there reading this and watching the show, think back to the last argument you got into with your hubby. . . imagine watching it again and again and having to write about it?"

Agreed, I would not have to watch my husband and I fight on TV, but I am not the one on a reality show. Personally, I think Josh and Kristen could use a counselor so they can learn how to communicate, because that seems to be what they are constantly fighting about.

The good news is that their daughter, Kingsley, is now walking, as Kristen shared to Andy Cohen a couple of weeks ago on Watch What Happens Live. Great news, and perhaps a little stress relief so maybe her marriage can get out of "the trenches."


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