Is Teresa Giudice Leaving Real Housewives Of New Jersey? Plus Her Potential Sentence!

Teresa And Joe Giudice Court Appearance

With all of her legal issues and the major changes facing her family, Teresa Giudice may be ready to step back from the spotlight!

She is ambivalent about leaving Real Housewives of New Jersey behind but does not deny that she may be ready. “I don’t know the future,” Teresa admits. “No one knows what’s going to happen a year from now. I might get another job, who knows?” There have been rumors before that once Joe Giudice heads to prison Teresa will be getting a spinoff, there are also rumors that she’s looking to branch out into a lifestyle/cooking show that would be an extension of her Fabulicious brand, which now also includes desserts and gelato


However, even that hope could be dashed! With ratings down for RHONJ and viewers less interested in the Housewives, Teresa’s recent Fabellini Wine tasting at a New Jersey restaurant had dismal results. “A manager had to beg people who weren’t there for the event to take pictures with her,” a witness dished to Life & Style. Furthermore Teresa’s fourth cookbook Fabulicious Grilling did not make the NY Times Bestseller list even though her other three did. 

Perhaps Teresa, who is facing a potential 27-month prison sentence, is ostracizing viewers and fans. Speaking of prison, we may be getting a peek into the possible future for the Giudices via a New Jersey couple that was also accused of several counts of mortgage fraud.  They were recently sentenced by a judge and the case is a bit similar to Juicy and Tre’s case. Linda and Fabio were sentenced defrauding banks and the government of more than $3.4 million dollars and will both serve time.

The wife, Linda, who claimed to be behind the bulk of the misdeeds, will serve two years, while her husband, Fabio, will serve 18 months. They are also responsible for $716, 353 in restitution and forfeit an estimated $262,000 which they profited from the fraud. The couple stood trial for one count bank fraud and one count wire fraud, more than Teresa and Joe pled guilty for. Teresa alone pled for guilty to 4 counts of various money fraud and faces 27 months in federal prison, while Joe pled guilty to 5 counts and faces 47 months. 

The recently sentenced couple “submitted falsified employment and income information to obtain 10 fraudulent loans over a period of three years, according to federal authorities. They also failed to disclose debts and other properties they owned on the applications, and lied about where they lived to receive $3.4 million in mortgages,” reports North Meaning their crimes were very similar to the Giudices

Here’s an interesting twist though, Linda and Fabio also have children and will serve a split sentence. Meaning Linda will surrender first and do her time, and then when she is released Fabio will surrender and complete his sentence. This could be a possible outcome for Teresa and Joe, as well. And Teresa could remain on RHONJ!

Teresa is hoping to avoid jail time in lieu of house arrest while they plan for Joe to serve time. Teresa and Joe return to court for sentencing in September. 

[Photo Credit: WENN]