Carole Radziwill Talks Aviva, Sonja And Housewives Production Secrets

carole radziwill

Carole Radziwill made her presence known this season on the Real Housewives of New York. After spending her rookie season getting along with all the women and introducing us to her quick wit and dry commentary, this season she held nothing back. And can you blame her? Aviva Drescher basically slandered her and her writing career.

So after a dramatic season with the ladies, where does Carole stand about coming back for another round? Does she really want to deal with Aviva and Sonja again? In a new must read interview, Carole is an open book, talking about the other ladies and some surprising behind the scenes production scoop.


Carole’s new interview with BuzzFeed Entertainment is eye-opening to say the least. Let’s start off with what Carole has to say about #bookgate. As you recall Aviva Drescher claimed all season that she heard “on the street” that Carole had used a ghostwriter for her critically acclaimed memoir, What Remains. While insisting, that even though she has NO WRITING EXPERIENCE, she wrote her book all by her lonesome and in the same breath saying, “it takes a village.” So which is it?

According to Carole, “It’s industry standard. She signed a deal, she had to turn that book around quickly. They peg it to the show. It’s what every other Housewife does. And it’s great. It’s great for publishing, it’s good for writers. It just never occurred to me that she wasn’t going to be honest about that.”

“I don’t have things I can’t talk about. But I realized after that, Oh, you can just make it up. I remember after that scene going to the producers and saying, “Well, that was drama, but it’s not true. The publisher didn’t pass, and Bill Whitworth is an editor.” He was my copy editor, which is a phenomenal insult to him to even say that, because he’s one of the most respected editors. It’s just that he didn’t come on until the very end of What Remains. I remember saying to the producers, “That’s not true.” And they looked at me, like, We don’t care about the truth. It was this stupid “Aha!” moment.”

The day after the blow-up over the book, Carole was actually at the same wedding as Andy Cohen. “I think he had heard about it. And he knew I was upset about it. He was very smart, though. He said, “Rely on the intelligence of the audience, Carole.” I was, like, “I can’t do that! That’s slander! And this is insane!” And you know what? He was right.”

Yes, he was Carole — viewers can see crazy too! And speaking of crazy and delusional, just how does Carole feel about her Real Housewives of New York cast mate Sonja Morgan?

“She’s a good person. She’s nice. But I’ve never had a conversation with her. Because I feel she’s not grounded in reality. You can’t talk to someone like that, because she might say something about what’s going on with the bespoke shirts in France, or the perfume deal with the Nigerian football team. You don’t even know what she’s going to say. In the reunion, she was talking about her yacht and her businesses. I don’t do well with someone like that.”

OK, now for some juicy news. Carole opened up about some behind-the-scenes happenings that we would have never known about without her. For instance, what is the real reason she did not sue Aviva for slander? Because it is in her Bravo contract that Housewives cannot sue Housewives.

“There were people who were saying, “Why don’t you sue?” It’s not an easy answer. There were several reasons. One is we sign contracts, so we can’t sue each other. So you’d have to break the Bravo contract.”

And if we needed anymore proof that Aviva was desperate to stay on the show — I cannot be the only one who saw through the leg throwing incident — Carole shares that Aviva was trying to make deals with producers while filming last season.

“And Aviva’s asthma thing is just, like — it’s hard to take her asthma seriously because her husband at one point called the production team, the executive producer, and said, “I’ll get her to Montana in exchange for a guarantee that she’ll be on next season.” The executive producer told me, Ramona, and Sonja that in Montana. So it’s, like, we’re hearing that, behind-the-scenes, back-door deals. So it’s not like we’re horrible, insensitive women that are calling her a liar. It’s, like, No, this is actually what’s going on.”

“That’s the first time I ever heard a production person say something like that. It was a big deal, I guess, not going on a trip. So we can’t say that on the show because it refers to the show.”

So if you ever want to be a Housewife, you cannot sue other Housewives, you cannot refer to being on a reality show and producers do not like wheeling and dealing mid-season. Got it!

Thanks for the insight Carole and BuzzFeed!


[photo courtesy: Photo by: Michael Lavine/Bravo]