tamra is ungrateful

Tamra Barney is back from vacation and she’s ready to dish on this week’s latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra and Eddie Judge headed off on vacation last week just as some drama with Lizzie Rosvek was going down.  Tamra put her Facebook on hold and took off to enjoy some quiet time (after she dropped a few rants, of course). 

Tamra says that she’s tired of the rehash over Lizzie’s birthday.  “and here we go again talking about how NO ONE SHOWED UP TO LIZZIE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY. How many times do I have to say I am sorry I did not show up to her birthday? My daughter was sick and there was NO WAY I would leave her.”

Tamra thinks Lizzie is out for blood, “I am starting to see that Lizzie is very self-centered and if things don’t go her way then she’s out for blood. ” 

She continues, “My God, she hears Vicki say “I don’t believe I have to hang out with dumb and dumber” and she is OK with that, just as long as she showed up to celebrate her birthday? I on the other hand have a sick child and I am the devil for not showing up? Shannon called at the same time to tell her they would not make it, but that is OK? I am starting to think this girl just has it out for me. But after hearing her comments this season “that she didn’t want to be a mom raising kids is suburbia” and that “If Christian didn’t provide her with a better birthday party next year she was going to leave him,” I am starting to think that family is not a high priority to her.” 

Tamra explains why she refuses to back down and let Lizzie lie about what was said, “I was not going to allow Lizzie to lie and say that I did not text her or communicate with her. I am getting tired of being blamed for everything this season! I thought it was important to refresh her memory and have Vicki read the text messages from that night. I clearly communicated with her! The picture that Vicki sent to me her dress was pulled up to her waist and it looked like she had lingerie on, so my natural reaction was “Lizzie you forgot your pants!” It was not me making fun of her at all! She responded “vagina.” She told me she loved me and thanked me. I AM SO CONFUSED, WHAT IS THIS GIRL’S PROBLEM?” 

She also wonders if Heather was trying to stir up trouble again.  “I did get mad when Heather said I made fun of Lizzie’s dress. I never said “Lizzie your dress is ugly.” Again I said “What are you wearing?”  How is that making fun of her dress? Plus I said it to her! I still do not understand what Heather got out of saying that to me? Was she just trying to start drama all over again?”

Tamra claims that Lizzie is a mean drunk.  “Lizzie had pissed me off a few weeks before with her comment about Eddie. This was something that happened after the Valentine’s Dinner was over, in front of six people. Lizzie was extremely drunk and I am finding out that when she gets drunk she is very mean. I feel she took a stupid game to another level by saying she wanted to shag Eddie because “she wanted Mexican/Italian babies” and when she saw the look on my face she said to me “you’re just mad because your husband wants to f— me.” I am sorry that is NOT OK to say about someone’s husband. It was a game, I said I wanted to shag Christian — but I really DO NOT WANT TO. She took the game way too far. Eddie was very disgusted with her mouth and whispered to me “Don’t fight with a drunk girl.” So we said goodbye to the others and left pissed off.” 

Tamra isn’t holding back this week, “I had no intentions on bringing it up at all, but when she started getting nasty with me I thought “Is this girl delusional?” I have not done one thing to her and she said something that was way out-of-line and I was willing to forgive her because she had to much to drink.” 

She’s very confused since she tried to befriend Lizzie, “I think the part that is confusing to me and actually kind of hurts is that I was SO nice to Lizzie all season. I never said a bad word about her. I tried to help her through the process of being the new girl. So to hear her warning Shannon about me is so hurtful. She knew that I had upset Shannon by telling Heather about the email and was going to take advantage of those feelings. After the dinner party at the beach house everyone was talking about how Shannon acted crazy.  At least I am brave enough to say it to her face and not behind her back like you do!” 

Tamra isn’t happy with the newbies this season, “When Lizzie asked me at her house “who told Shannon that the Dubrow’s want to take down the Beadors?” My answer was “I don’t know — the green men in her head” because I NEVER said that to her. Yes, I was pissed that Shannon said that and in my mind she is saying it to cause drama at the beach party. If she really thought I said that why didn’t she as ask me that weeks ago? And why didn’t Vicki back her up at the table? It seems like these new girls like to talk about things that never were said away from others because then it’s your word against mine with no witnesses. NOT COOL!” 

Tamra says she leaves Bali a changed woman.  “I would have to say that Bali gets very bad for me and very hard to watch, I leave Bali a changed person! Stay tuned to see Lizzie try and turn everyone against me with more of her lies!” 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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