Heather Dubrow Is Tired Of Vicki Gunvalson Blaming Her For Everything!


Heather Dubrow thinks she’s perfect. Imagine her surprise when others don’t agree with her self-assessment. In this case one of her main detractors is friend Vicki Gunvalson and Heather is shocked and appalled that Vicki is questioning her behavior this season. 

“I love Vicki and we have always had a very good relationship. However, I’m pretty tired of the nasty interview bites thrown in my direction,” Heather complains.

One of the Real Housewives of Orange County star’s main complaints is that Vicki has taken new friend Shannon Beador‘s side after Heather failed to display any sympathy for Shannon’s situation.  Furthermore, even if Heather has behaved appallingly, Vicki is her friend first right. And, lest we forget: Heather got yelled at by Shannon! Therefore all of the misdeeds this season are not at all her fault. I mean she’s right – most of them are Tamra Judge‘s fault! 


“Newsflash, it’s not ALL my fault and I’m tired of being vilified by this group,” Heather laments. “Saying that I need a ‘life event’ to rock my world is unconscionable. I have been a supporter of Vicki’s when her other friends were not.” Tis true – Heather has always given Brooks the benefit of the doubt!

“This does not mean she has to agree with everything I do or say, but have the nerve to speak to me in person,” Heather states. It’s very easy to hide behind the veil of the interview chair. No matter how you feel about me, I’m not throwing shade on the side. I speak directly to the person when there is an issue.” She does? Is that kind of what happened when she threw Shannon out of her house while refusing to answer Shannon’s question? Or like the time she discussed Shannon’s personal matters with friends behind her back?

Despite all the negativity plaguing the group, Heather is relieved they’re all going to Bali! “Tamra and I called Shannon together to invite her for dinner. We wanted to include her on the trip to Bali and needed to make sure we could all move forward.”

“I didn’t want to rehash past events, it seemed like a slippery slope of trying to figure out who said what and why we ended up in this state of arguing,” Heather adds. “I brought up Hinduism and breaking cycles because I thought it was relevant to what’s been going on in our group, and obviously because Bali is a Hindu country. Why is Vicki making negative comments about this in her interview? I’m trying to make amends and move forward, which is what she wanted me to do! I feel like it doesn’t matter WHAT I say, it’s never going to be right.”

Now for some light moments – Heather was happy her Valentine’s Day party cleared some of the air and provided laughter. “I thought it would be fun to play a game with saucy little questions. When I was doing the research I couldn’t believe how many seemingly silly terms there for the most disgusting sexual acts!”

“Anyway we ended up with some hilarious questions AND answers … It felt SO good to laugh with everyone and not have any drama.”

Tonight the group heads to Bali, where Tamra and her BFF wine get crunkdiculous and the ratchet explodes forth like a volcano eruption. And Lizzie Rovsek reveals exactly what she thinks about Tamra. Hint, hint – it’s not much!

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