Aviva Drescher Believes Carole Radziwill Had No Right To Write ‘What Remains’, Built Her Career On The Kennedy Name.

Carole Radziwill & Aviva Drescher RHONY S6

Avicious Drescher is like a dog with a bone – she simply cannot stop shooting herself in her last remaining foot. Pun intended! Nor can she stop sticking that last remaining foot in her mouth. 

After throwing Carole Radziwill‘s career under the bus, and throwing her leg in after, Aviva still refuses to stop “giving her side of the story” about bookgate. Last week Carole gave an interview revealing some behind-the-scenes situations on Real Housewives of New York, including more of her debate with Aviva over who actually wrote What Remains. Well of course Aviva had to chime in, which sadly only served to make herself look even worse and more delusional in the process. 

Aviva claims, “I used the term ‘word on the street’ was because I wanted to protect my sources. I didn’t want to name the sources. There was somebody at Simon & Schuster, who I did name and I did tell Carole the name of that person, and I’m happy to tell you: It’s Tricia Boczkowski. I named that on-air, and it just didn’t go in. She had told me. There was somebody very, very close to John F. Kennedy Jr. — very close — who told me.”*


As for why Aviva believed Carole used a ghostwriter in the first place, well the story keeps changing. Here’s the latest revision! “It was her first book. She’d never written a book before. It’s not implausible that Carole had a ghost, it’s very plausible,” Aviva insists.

Here’s where things get extremely awkward and dicey: Aviva also claims that Carole’s story had no business being told by Carole at all! “It was a very important book that she wrote where she spoke about people who had died. It really was not her place to tell that story. It really wasn’t her place. She did do that. And there were a lot of people who were very angry about her telling that story.”

“I think that the Kennedy family — it was very much the experience of the Kennedy family,” Aviva continues. “It’s her place to speak about that, but it was also about a family who is going down in the history of America. Maybe there were members of the family who wanted to tell that story. Maybe his mom wanted to tell that story.”

“I’m of the opinion that she’s made a career out of it. Off their name. That’s my opinion,” Aviva asserts to BuzzFeed. “That she’s made a career off their name, and off of that entire — what would she have written a book about? I’m of the opinion that she made a career off the name, and off the family. But that’s my opinion.”

Personal Bias Admittance Here: I love Carole. And Aviva is FLIPPING RIDICULOUS AND INSANE! First of all, Carole’s husband Anthony Radziwill died – she lived that story. What Remains is not just about Anthony’s death, it’s about Carole’s experience processing the death of her husband and friends. Who exactly does Aviva feel has ownership over that story? What gives Aviva – someone not at all connected to Anthony’s life or family (or the Kennedys) the right to assert who has the right to tell that story? Furthermore, Lee Radziwill, Anthony’s mother, has publicly praised Carole’s book. 

Aviva also explains the relationship she has with her alleged ghostwriter Valerie Frankel. “Valerie and I have an editor/writer relationship. I did not hand her my story and she wrote it. It was very much a process where she helped me a lot, and we worked together on it. I didn’t hand my book over to a ghostwriter and put my stamp on it. She’s a wonderful ghostwriter, and she’s ghostwritten before.”

This is interesting to me – so Aviva claims she did not have a ghostwriter because someone coached her through the process of writing her book and edited it. Something that all authors use. If that is Aviva’s line of defense, why does she find it so unacceptable for Carole to have used the same relationship with perhaps her editor? Only in Carole’s case having an editor constitutes a ghostwriter, apparently. 

Aviva also defends slandering Harper Lee during the reunion as giving an example that all books are subject to gossip. “That was just an example that an iconic author like Harper Lee, people said, ‘Oh, you didn’t write your book.’ So I don’t know why Carole thought she was so high and holy and mighty that she was impervious to the gossip that goes around in the publishing industry. It happens to the best of the best. I was very generous when I gave that to Carole.” That’s… a compliment? Wow. 

In response to Aviva’s latest break from reality, Carole replied: “Aside from the gross factual inaccuracies and the general nastiness we’ve all grown to expect from Ms. Drescher, her assertions here are nothing more than the rantings of a woman who has proven she will do or say anything to be on a reality show. I apologize that you have wasted your time in reading it. And be careful, Buzzfeed, she’s sounds angry. Be prepared to have a leg thrown through your website. :)”

Well, alright then Aviva. Good job – this interview totally proves you are of sound, rational mind! 

*BuzzFeed reached out to Tricia Boczkowski to seek her perspective on the situation and did not receive a response. I’m thinking the response is No Comment crazy f-ing nut job (the nut job being Aviva, of course). 

[Photo Credit: Michael Lavine/Bravo]