Don’t Be Tardy Recap – Flip Or Flop


On last night’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, the Biermanns are back from Spring Break and hanging out in the kitchen discussing Ariana’s obsession with a shirtless Justin Bieber and Brielle quietly announces that she has cheerleading tryouts coming up.  Kroy Biermann practically spits out his Gatorade and calls her bluff.  Brielle is serious though you guys! She wants to spruce up her resume for college.  Forget debate team or serving food at a soup kitchen those are like soooo lame. Even Kim Zolciak eyeballs her like she is nuts. 

Lana, the nanny overhears this nonsense and immediately busts out splits, a la Joe Guidice style to everyone’s applause.  Newsflash, Brielle is as flexible as bamboo.  Brielle is screwed.  So screwed in fact, Kroy bets her 1,000 hours (did he say dollars? I hit rewind like 12 times and couldn’t tell if it was hours or dollars.  I’m sticking with hours.) of work as his assistant if she quits.  She agrees and game on!

Brielle and her friend roll up to the gymnastics training area and their coach (who should be a character in a Christopher Guest movie) had about 8 cups of coffee prior and he’s ready to work!  Turns out, Brielle is pretty bad at gymnastics. There is a glimmer of hope that she can possibly make the team as the day progresses.  That $hit looks hard and I’m impressed she even showed up to the gym.  Meanwhile back at the house, Ariana is swimming with Kroy and KJ in the backyard.  Again, a glimpse of normalcy when Ariana begs her mom and dad for a sleepover and they completely shoot her down. I’m sure Kim lacks discipline in many ways, but I love that she says no to the sleepover. 

Brielle interrupts the pool party when she struts back from the gym proclaiming she’s got this cheerleading schtick in the bag and she needs private lessons for the next week or so to ensure her a spot on the squad.  Kim is laughing but decides she’ll support her only if she finishes. 


Next up, Kim and Kroy crash the gym where Brielle and Ariana are working out their gymnastic moves.  Maaaahhhmm, Gawwwd – So embarrassing!  Ariana is practicing her parallel bars routine and good Lord, Brielle decides to show Kim and Kroy all the progress she’s made.  Cue to Kim’s skeptical face of “Oh $hit” and Brielle actually lays out a decent back flip!  Kim and Kroy are slowly starting to think that maybe she is working hard after all.  Kim takes a turn at the pull-up bar amidst pressure to show-off her old moves and she sums it up quite nicely, “I don’t do anything with an “up” in it.  We don’t sit-ups, push-ups or pull-ups”.  Classic Kim.

Sprinkled throughout the episode is Kim’s best friend, Jen, is calling her for last-minute pregnancy advice as she is nearing her due date.  Keep in mind Kim was a nurse in another lifetime – Her advice is priceless and it goes something like this: 1) be sure to shave your hooha as hair is growth is in overdrive 2) get it on with your hubby until you water breaks as you’ll be celibate for 6 weeks after delivery 3) You get a beefy vag after you give birth.

Finally, we meet Tracy, her versatile new chef and hello – Jam, (where have you been Jam??!!) her housekeeper, pops her head in too! Jam can also do the Giudice splits and Kim is explaining to everyone the terms of their bet on Brielle’s cheerleading tryouts.  While scarfing down peanut M&Ms, Brielle whines about taking a break for a few days and Kim smirks that Brielle has no idea what’s she in for when she’s loses this bet with Kroy.
Fast forward a few days later and Brielle informs Kim that yeah, that cheerleading thing isn’t really happening.  Apparently, there was this physical that Brielle needed and she didn’t get one, so yeah, not gonna happen.  Kroy walks in mid-story and is like, “Your 1,000 hours of work starts now”.  Brielle – you were doing so great!! I had so much hope that you were actually going to try out for the damn team!

In the background Kim is mumbling about how her parents installed this incredible sense of work ethic and Kim has worked for everything she’s ever had.  This. I have to comment on this comment. Kim, while I don’t doubt you studied hard, went to college and became a nurse.  I’m having some serious doubts about how hard you “worked” once you started dating wealthy men.  Kim is so candid about EVERYTHING else (beefy vags, salad enemas, needing d*#k since birth – to name a few) that I’m somewhat surprised she doesn’t own the former sugar daddy lifestyle more.  It’s off-putting to hear her ramble about work ethic to her kids and not a surprise it’s not sticking to Brielle – as she first-hand witnessed Kim’s train wreck relationship dynamics with Big Poppa.  Just my two cents :

Stay tuned next week when Kroy and Kim set their nanny up on a date – hilarity ensues!


Recap Author: Bonnie K.

Photo Credits: Bravo TV