REPORT: How Much Is Jacqueline Laurita Being Offered To Return To Real Housewives Of New Jersey?


Updated:  Tom was misquoted by Radar.  He nor his source claimed the $850K salary figure for Jacqueline Laurita.  And his source shared that all the ladies are reportedly making around $750, excluding the new Housewives. 

Today’s Wishful Thinking award goes to Jacqueline Laurita. Who also gets a mention for encouraging us to believe the unbelievable. Nice try! 

A report emerged today that claims Jacqueline, who is rumored to be returning to Real Housewives Of New Jersey next season as a full-fledged Housewife, will be earning an $850,000 salary. Which would make her one of the highest paid Housewives in the franchise history – almost as highly paid as the (allegedly) million-dollar earning NeNe Leakes!


Jacqueline will be making about $850,000 when she returns full time,” a source, tells Tom Murro via Radar Online. “She even has been bragging that she made more being on Caroline Manzo’s show part time than the three new ladies made full time on RHONJ.”

Jacqueline was “fired” last season as the network attempts to revamp the show after super repetitive story lines. Instead, the drama has yet to amp up and catch on with viewers, although the ladies keep promising that it will (and to be fair we’re only like 5 episodes in). Jacqueline will be returning at the end of this season as Bravo is turning the cameras back on to capture Teresa Giudice‘s sentencing, however Jacqueline will only have a small part after Dina Manzo refused to film with her. 

As for the other ladies, the source claims the newbies are raking in $60,000 for their first season, while Dina makes only $100,00. Last week a report claimed Melissa earned over $1 million since joining RHONJ (her salary plus other endeavors). As for Teresa, she allegedly is earning $700,000 this season, which would mean Jacqueline, a fired and rehired housewife, whose sole storyline has been her issues with Teresa, is going to be out-earning the person who is unquestionably the star of the show? Now Jacqueline really needs the money, so hopefully this is true, but c’mon – somethin’ in the buttermilk ain’t clean

It’s no secret that Bravo isn’t shelling out the big bucks for their stars – instead they encourage them to create and promote products, which the Bravo Home Shopping Network features in exchange for a percentage. Infomercials By Bravo aren’t free, y’all! Basically only a handful of ladies (i.e.”The Stars”) are earning high salaries while the newbies get paid a pittance and the remainder of the cast earns about $150,000 – $350,00o per season in exchange for appearing on the show. Which makes sense given that these ladies are supposed to represent fabulous and wealthy lifestyles, not rely on the show to finance a wealthy lifestyle. 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]