Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Campfire Confessions

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On last night’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, we’re back at the campfire and waking up to the aroma of fresh bacon sizzling on the grill compliments of Kroy Biermann (love him!). 

The gang gathers around the tent for breakfast after their first night in the woods.  Activity of the day – fishing! The kids go digging for worms and off they go to the lake. Kim Zolciak, although looking ridiculous in her overstuffed plush robe, appears to be cozy and wait for it….enjoying herself! Ariana, Brielle and KJ are also enjoying themselves to Kim’s surprise.

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Sweet little KJ and Kroy holding the fishing pole is too dang cute. No fish we’re caught but adorable memories were made! Everyone pitches in to prep for dinner while the girls are doing their best to hide their cell phones. In this day and age, it would be really tough to go 2-3 days with no phone so I do give the girls credit for attempting it, even though they are sneaking a text or two. They’ve finished dinner and have assembled around the fire for some good old fashioned truth or dare. Brielle kicks it off with a question to Kroy about when he realized he wanted to be with Kim forever and have a family. Kroy says he knew after the second date. Kim answers the question, stating that about 3 months into the relationship a question arose between Kim and Kroy about how many ounces are in one gallon.  Kim is way off (not surprised at all) and Kroy wins. The loser of that question had to tell how they felt about the other person. Kim said she loved him and Kroy followed with a sappy I love you too. Lame…

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The girls thinks their story is uber cheesy and next up is Brielle. Kim shocks her with the question about hitting the Escalade with the Range Rover and Brielle adamantly denies it. Kroy bursts out laughing calls her out that the security camera (finally, purpose served with the 59 cameras!) caught her.  Brielle changes her tune slightly and now she can’t remember hitting it. I’m really enjoying the family dynamic around the campfire as they seem happy and really love being with each other.  

Shun Melson, Kim’s stylist, drops the biggest q to Kim, asking if she missed her mom. Cue the crickets.  After some hesitation, Kim flatly says, “No”. At first, I want to cringe and say that she should just make-up with her parents. But after the unfortunate reasons Kim rattles off about why she isn’t speaking to her parents I sort of understand why. Granted there are 2 sides to every story but jeesh, they are miles away from making amends.

We also learn that Sweetie Hughes has been her right-hand person for the past 15 years. Helping her with the girls and so much more.

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Tables turn to Kroy’s family and their disapproval of Kim and she actually has a clear understanding as to why his parents don’t like her. Kroy defends Kim and feels his parents are too judgmental. I guess it looks like neither set of grandparents are in the picture. This is just so sad for the grandkids’ sake. Kim and Kroy seem to want to focus on their immediate family regardless of how nutso their in-laws are. Looks like money doesn’t always equal happiness and perfection. Everyone has family problems! 

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Next week, Ariana wants to date and the boy-crazy antics begin!


Recap Author: Bonnie K.  

Photo Credit: Bravo TV