Don’t Be Tardy Recap – Boobies and Boys


This week on Don’t Be Tardy, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are in Meeyaami!! They’re there to meet with a plastic surgeon to get Kim’s body back to when she was 21.  That’s a tall order folks for the doctor. 

While waiting at the doctor’s office Kroy brings it upon himself to try out a few of the implants laying on the doctor’s desk. I can’t help but think everyone does this while they are waiting for implant consultations. Kim calls Sweetie for the hundredth time  to check on the kids (more like check her reflection on the FaceTime camera) and who walks in…Dr. Lenny Hochstein from Real Housewives of Miami! Props to Kim as he was a favorite of mine and is very professional. She’s hoping for a six-pack overnight but Dr. Lenny tells her half the battle will have to be at the gym to achieve. Say what??! Kim does not work out. Getting down to the nitty gritty asap, the next scene is Kim stripping for Dr. Lenny to do an evaluation and God Bless Kim for doing this. She is one brave cookie to show the cameras what pregnancy can do to a woman’s body. Either way, Kroy loves her no matter what. However, I will totally sympathize with Kim – after my first son, my body was a shell of what it was before and I know Kim is doing this surgery for herself rather than solely for Kroy.  


They head back to Atlanta and the next morning Brielle FaceTime chats Kim and Kroy from her class.  How is this allowed at her school?? Kroy is playing wonder dad yet again and clipping cutie-patootie KJ’s nails. I can’t seem to get passed that KJ is more like 5 versus 2.5 yrs old this season. He is literally a mini-man, hair combed and all!! Kim’s staring to get worried about the upcoming surgery in Miami.  She’s going to be recovering for about a week but Kroy assures her all will be fine due to their 59-camera security system at the house.  Kim has the luxury of keeping the pulse of the house on her iPhone while she is away. Okay, this might be one of the few instances the security cameras are serving a purpose this season.

Later on, the fam is eating dinner in the kitchen (No one sits at a table to eat ever. And no one bothers to sit even on barstool while they eat either. Odd.) and Ariana wants to know if it’s cool for her to date.  “Hell no” Kim snaps back. Kroy echos that sentiment with a “she’s too young and has more growing up to do”. Amen to that!!!  Love these rules!!  At least Ariana’s girlfriends can come over. Kim bakes some cookies (hilarious) for them and she moves out to the porch with Kroy to watch on the TV what the girls are up to.  Dammit, another useful reason for the cameras now. And I was so against these cameras 10 episodes ago!! 
Kim busts Ariana FaceTime chatting with a boy (didn’t even know this cross-ipad technology was possible) and lays it into Ariana about shutting that boy-toy talk down. This is so embarrassing especially in front of her friends and Ariana’s crush Benton! Kim and Kroy are legit and not letting up on the rules and continue to impress me.  Now if they could just lay off the f-bombs all day long…
Later that night Kim and Kroy try to get it on in the pool and the girls give them a taste if their own medicine and spy on them via ipad and mess with the lights.  Kim does not find it amusing and tells the girls to get outside asap.  Man, she is a debbie-downer this episode ruining all the fun.  I must note this was an important scene as it partially exemplifies the entitlement people refer to when talking about this current generation of kids. The kids felt like they could treat their parents the same way the parents treated them. “Nice try” Kroy tells them and that’s just part of growing up – you can’t do what adults do just because you want to and there are rules. Period. They are a strong parenting team this episode!!
A few days later, Kroy is fixing the adorable twins oatmeal for breakfast and Kim vents about her upcoming surgery fears. For the record, I could watch footage of these two munchkins all day long. I can’t handle the cuteness!!! Kroy reassures her that everything will be fine and her boobs will look great.  Kim is worried about the recovery, not being able to bathe or hold the kids and Kroy is all, “We’ll have it covered.”   I mean, Kroy!!! Can he please have an advice column for other clueless spouses/dads? I can understand his motivation – Kim’s gonna look like a 21 year-old again! 
Next episode is the big surgery day and Kim is pretty nervous, I’m not so sure she’ll go through with it – Stay tuned!
Recap Author: Bonnie K.
Photo Credit: Bravo TV