Dina Manzo Explains Why She Felt Stuck In A Lose/Lose Situation In Florida, Admits She Needed Therapy After The Trip

dina manzo confronts teresa aprea about the rino rumor

Last week, Dina Manzo told us that she had grown a lot closer to Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano than we ever got to see on Real Housewives of New Jersey. So once she learned of the Santa/Rino rumor, it weighed on her, and she was worried about what Amber Marchese would do with the gossip.

“I was so torn on what to do with this info,” blogged Dina. “My first instinct was of course to let the girls know that someone was talking about their mother. If someone was talking about my mom, I would want to know so I could rip their face off. Not very zen, huh? Say all you want about me, but mention my kid or my parents and all bets are off.”


“It was really bugging me,” continued Dina. “I literally was told the night before we left for Florida, and I couldn’t sleep at all. Every time we were having fun, the guilt that I wasn’t saying anything to them was overwhelming all other emotions, and I seriously became obsessed with the fact that I needed to tell them.”

Dina took to her personal site to explain that once something is said on camera, production will make sure that any follow through and/or fall out from that is also caught on camera. “I had someone from production up my ass until we got to Florida. And even when I had to pee, someone was outside the door, to make sure that if I did tell the twins it was going to be on camera. I was in a pretty sucky situation. You saw how Teresa gets her guard up right away and you see them start to get a little upset with me.”

“I was surprised TerEsa didn’t want to hear it and right away,” blogged Dina. “I was like, Dina, OK, shut your mouth, and so I did. It was a lose-lose for me. I’ve learned that there’s actually a term in therapy for the position I was put in!” Learn more about Dina’s therapy in the video below.

Dina continued, “Next week’s episode is a doozy, and I can tell you I haven’t cried like this in a VERY long time. As a sensitive empath and pisces, I absorb feelings around me, and let me tell you the range of emotions in that house was overwhelming! There was anger, sadness, frustration, fear, envy, sorrow, and on and on. Everyone had someone there to support them but me, and it was something I hope I never have to experience again… Like I said, Scary Island ain’t got nothin’ on Jersey.”

I, for one, am curious to see this drama unfold next week – and I’m pretty sure this is the first time this season that I have even cared if Real Housewives of New Jersey returned the next week. #BoringByBravo 


Photo Credit: Bravo