Dina Manzo Says Real Housewives Of New Jersey Florida Trip Will Be The New Scary Island!

Dina Manzo

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey focused on Joe and Teresa Giudice‘s plea deal, Amber Marchese‘s over-the-top dramatics, and Dina Manzo‘s charity Project Ladybug. Dina touched on the drama and teased what’s to come in her blog. Florida = the new Scary Island? Pass the popcorn!

To start, Dina talked Project Ladybug and Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

“PERFECT TIMING! I love how this episode has a Project Ladybug focus. Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer awareness month? Yeah, not many people know that, for some CRAZY reason it’s not as prevalent as other awareness months,” shared Dina. “I need a favor, whoever is reading this, if you can post that on your social media sites, I’ll love you forever.”


Dina continued, “Lets get these kids the attention and awareness they need and deserve, and if you’re so inclined to make a donation to your favorite childhood cancer charity, that would be awesome as well. May I suggest a small donation to Project Ladybug? Remember no one gets paid at our charity, so all the money will go exactly where it belongs. All it takes is a click of a button. Go here now to learn more: www.projectladybug.org! Thank you!”

Moving on to this week’s episode, Dina snarked, “Oh the drama, it seems like it just follows Amber wherever she goes! I do feel for her that she is caught in the middle of this Victoria Gotti gossip web – but zip it girl, not at a meeting for children with cancer!”

“I actually loved that all the girls were so excited to be on board with the event,” added Dina. “It was hard to get a word in, but you’ve got to love them for being so enthusiastic about something POSITIVE! We’re used to seeing everyone so fired up about the drama of it all, but THIS is my kind of energy. And yes, heads will roll if anything goes down the Ladybug event. You will have to stay tuned to see how that all worked out!”

Dina reiterated that she has Teresa‘s back – forever and always – and shaded Amber for her “Over here, cameras! Look at me! So many tears!” phone call.

Teresa‘s facing some hard times and she and her entire family will remain at the top of my prayer pile right now. I know my girls will get through this, Teresa is a tough cookie and those kids are strong like their mama,” shared Dina. “Join me in sending them some good vibes for a positive outcome and some closure to all of this. BTW, Amber‘s REALLY sensitive huh?”

About all that snow!!!!, Dina said, “It seriously never ended and for those north easterners, you know what I’m talking about. By this time of the season it wasn’t even worth shoveling, because we had blizzards on the daily but I was grateful the girls came over to help. We didn’t get much done, but it was nice to spend some fun time with Teresa and be able to tell her about our Florida idea.”

“We were desperate for some sun and R&R, but as you can see by the preview, it didn’t quite turn out to be relaxing at ALL,” teased Dina. “And you guys thought Scary Island was bad. Wait till you see this trip…. YIKES.” 

I believe Dina had good intentions, but I seriously question inviting Amber and Jim and expecting good times. I know, I know… contracts! Vacations by Bravo! 


Photo Credit: Bravo