Lifetime Announces New Reality Series: Prison Wives Club

Prison Wives Club on Lifetime

Coming soon to a TV near you.. Prison Wives Club!

Yes.. this is happening. No.. it will not star Phaedra Parks and Teresa Giudice and air on BravoPrison Wives Club premieres October 28 on Lifetime.

Prison Wives Club follows four women living with their decisions to fall in love with and remain married to convicted felons. While facing judgment from their friends and families, each episode explores how these women struggle to find normalcy despite their unconventional choices when it comes to the men in their lives,” shared the network. “Restricted to limited contact with their spouses who are serving sentences ranging from ten years to life, the ladies band together for support; but this group comes with its own sentence as they don’t always agree on how to behave as a wife on the outside.”


Prison Wives Club, which is actually a real club that meets in Washington, will feature LaQuisha, Ana, Kate, and Jhemini.

LaQuisha founded the wives club. “My main goal is to connect women that have experienced, or are currently experiencing the ins and outs of supporting a loved one in the prison system,” she explained on the club’s website.

LaQuisha‘s husband, Phillip, was sentenced to 60 years in prison. “I’ve learned a lot about myself, family and friends and I feel the need to share my insight with anyone about to embark on this crazy journey. I understand the isolation, rejection, and everything that comes with making the decision to support a loved one incarcerated.”

Ana met and married her husband, Michael, after he was incarcerated via a pen pal program. “I met my husband through in an effort to extend a hand of friendship, and in doing so I met my soul mate. This journey has been lonely and hard at times, but thankfully I’ve met some amazing people down the road to help get me through all of this.” He’s serving a life sentence.

Kate‘s husband, Carlo, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. “Carlo and I were together for life’s ups and downs for 5 years before he went away. My husband has served 3 years of his time, and with the 1 year of ‘good time’ he is eligible for, he should be home by early 2020.

Jhemini hasn’t shared her story on the Prison Wives Club website, so her husband’s situation is currently unknown. She shared via social media: “Thank you those of you who have known EVERYTHING about my life and still stuck by my side over these last 5 years! I love each and every one of you and now I’m excited to share my life with the rest of the world.”

Oh, Lifetime… Well at least Phaedra and Teresa will have a second option if Bravo ever decides to dump them. 😉


Photo Credit: Lifetime