Second Wives Club’s Veronika Obeng Already Divorced From Dr. Michael Obeng Over Infidelity; He Sued To Stop Show From Airing!

Veronika Obeng is starring on Second Wives Club as the THIRD wife, of Dr. Michael Obeng, a successful Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, but reality is stranger than reality TV because now Veronika is actually his third ex-wife!

Not only that, but Michael attempted to block the E! show from airing certain episodes claiming he did not sign up for a show to make his marriage look bad. Um, how about look real? Cause your wife caught you cheating, dude!

Veronika and Michael, who have 3 children together (and five from previous marriages) filed for divorce in July 2016, after Veronika discovered Michael’s affair via a secret Instagram page owned by his mistress. That’s worse than being dumped on a post-it note, right?


Unfortunately Second Wives Club was filming amid Veronika’s discovery and she decided to make Michael’s infidelity public knowledge. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned on reality TV!

That wasn’t OK with Michael. In a lawsuit, he claims the show was “staged” and put them in false situations designed to embarrass his reputation. “The Series was nothing about the couple’s happy marriage…” alleges Michael’s complaint. “The Defendants constantly staged Plaintiff in artificial situations and demanded Plaintiff to engage in conflicts that were often fraudulent and deceptive.”

Variety reports that Dr. Obeng, through his attorney, sent a letter to E! in August ’16 arguing that the “unrealistic and manufactured personality,” the network forced upon him could be harmful to his business once aired. He also demanded that he and his children be retroactively removed from the show. Interestingly, his letter mentions Second Wives Club as being named “Famously Married.”

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Clearly Michael’s injunction suit went nowhere as evidenced by the show currently airing featuring both him and his children. In fact a rep for the network stated, “E! has not received a complaint and will not comment on this matter.” And, in an interview, Veronika attests that the portrayal of her and Micheal’s failing marriage is all-too accurate!

Veronika tells Bossip things were actually worse than cameras let on, and not only did Michael engage in an affair but he also cheated with prostitutes! Does this guy need some help from Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil, perhaps?

Veronika never envisioned the how things would turn out when signed up for the show, and says the “negativity” with Michael unfolded organically “a week or so after shooting” started.

“I didn’t know what to share, when to share it, or how it would be received,” Veronika explains. “But the more I had to deal with with the situation of my husband’s infidelity and the women on the other side of his life – the hood rats and skanks were going to tell my story, which was not what happened. So I took all of that fear and said that truth was more important than being embarrassed.”

“I decided to live my truth because so many women don’t. And I thought, ‘Why did I sign up for a reality TV show and not live my truth?’ I refuse to be a prisoner to the camera or my situation.”

Veronika put everything into their marriage and the business, and scoffs at Michael’s cheating being blamed on her, “Why should I be embarrassed? You cheated on me. Why would I be embarrassed that you like hookers?”

You know what I find that attitude refreshing. Good for Veronika! Better than hiding it and not even being honest with their children… I mean she was pregnant and raising children, working and he’s running around? Um, no.

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She shrugs off accusations that she’s a “gold digger” or that she used the situation to gain fame. On the show Veronika is shown working in Michael’s practice and recounts building the business together. Their divorce is not finalized, and she doesn’t discuss the specifics of settlement, etc.

Veronika describes the show as “empowering” and despite the painful experiencing of reliving the failure of her marriage, she would “definitely be down for a season two.”

“Life doesn’t stop when you find out your man has been unfaithful,” Veronika quips, “that’s when it gets real.” Touche! Honestly are these two born for reality TV or what – talk about crazy drama! And personally, so far, I’m really loving this show!


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment]