Stars React To Teresa Giudice’s Prison Sentence

Teresa and Joe Giudice sentenced to prison

Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe have a long road ahead of them. But since they were each handed prison sentences on Thursday, they can finally see a light at the end of their fraud tunnel.

The embattled Real Housewives of New Jersey stars were sentenced on multiple charges of fraud. The judge read them both the riot act as she first gave Joe 41 months in prison and then Teresa 15 months. The one area in which she was lenient is the fact that she is allowing Teresa to serve her time first, then Joe will serve his, allowing one parent to always remain with their four daughters.

The couple have yet to publicly comment on their sentences — that will happen on Watch What Happens Live on Monday — but many relevant and non-relevant reality stars shared their positive — and not-so-positive — reactions.


Former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin took to Twitter to share her concern over the reality couple’s four daughters and wrote, “I am in shock. I really hoped the judge would show more leniency. Please give her space and time to process this.”

She continued, “No matter what you think of Teresa and Joe.. Our hearts are breaking. I am physically sick. Please pray for their children and family.”


“It actually gives me the chills,” Bethenny Frankel told Us Weekly of her fellow Bravo Housewife. “It’s a long time but she’ll definitely get through it.”

She continued, “Every bad experience you go through, on the other side, you realize why it happened. She’s just in the hell of it right now. It’s terrible for the kids but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and they will be stronger as a family.”

Yesterday, Melissa GorgaTeresa’s sister-in-law — tweeted with a fan about being glad that the drama being documented was not actually about drama between the families.

“I’m so glad @melissagorga & @joegorga are able to sit back, relax & watch someone else’s family drama for a change,” the fan wrote, to which she replied, “Lol.. For once! XO”

Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak posted, “No matter how wrong Teresa Giudice is, 15 months away from her babies will be hell on earth..”

All those positive thoughts are very sweet and they come from a place of positivity. Now remember when I said “non-relevant reality stars?” Let’s get to those.

Former star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and “prostitution whore” Danielle Staub replied to a fans tweet with the first of many bitchy remarks to come from former “stars” of the Bravo hit.

“@FamilyIsLoyalty: Ohhhh @daniellestaub dontcha frigin LOVE karma baby!!!!!!! Yup.

Which was followed by tweets from both of the Kims. (Were they ever really “stars” of the show?? I am not sure.)

Which was followed up with a quote that she gave to Tom Murro — “Finally there is a God.”  Kim added  ”Revenge is a dish best served cold, they knowingly and willingly defrauded people for years, and finally someone saw thru their BS. A false sense of entitlement gone wrong, too stupid to see it coming

Tom Murro also spoke to the other New Jersey Kim, Kim D., who said she is “devastated and sick over it!”  and when asked if she felt they were treated different in their sentence she said “No!! I think they were treated like anyone else who had those charges!” 

Teresa for her part, has had little to say. She did address the court after the judge told her she would be spending over a year in prison. “I speak as a wife, a mother, and a daughter,” said Teresa. “Today I am blessed but I am also humbled. I hear you and what you are saying, and it is time for me to wake up.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice first post-sentencing appearance on Watch What Happens Live will air Monday, October 6.


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