Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Sheer Craziness

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I’m not going to lie, I’m really getting into Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. I am totally revisiting my younger self’s love of B2K. Plus, it’s kind of a nice switch to see a show where most (well, some) of the men are actually being good guys for a change. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only the first season. That won’t last. Speaking of, my three favorites, Fizz, Omarion, and Soulja Boy (in that order) are catching up over a game of basketball. They talk about how their lives are changing due to families and relationships. It’s a far cry from the the threesome conversations that took place in strip clubs on the Atlanta franchise. Across town, Nikki is dishing with her mom about her current situation with Mally Mal after tricking her into thinking the pair is engaged. Nikki’s mother may need her own show based on her assessment of Ray-J’s junk. Whose mother talks like that? I love it! Not to mention, she’s not Mal’s biggest fan. 

Hazel is enjoying her new place, complete with Berg who wants to crash but not cuddle. She is excited about date night, and Berg is just happy to booze and get his. However, the next morning, he reminds her that they are just two friends, hooking up and having a good time. This goes right over her head as she gives him the googly eyes and begs him to become a better man. He’s ready to become a better man–and friend–to her. I mean, Hazel doesn’t have to even read between the lines here. Berg is spelling it out for her and she still doesn’t get it. How is she confused? Hazel wants more. She wonders if he expects her to keep sleeping with him when he’s bedding other women. Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what he wants to happen. Hazel is in tears. She can’t keep being a jump-off. Okay, then DON’T. This girl needs to get a clue. 


Fizz and Amanda are going on a romantic gondola ride at Venice Beach. He wants to make an extra effort since Amanda has been stepping up to the plate with his son. Fizz admits that he went to speak to Moniece on Amanda’s behalf, and he thinks the pair is ready to move in together. However, Amanda has commitment issues, and she’s been unfaithful to him in the past. He may be the only decent man in this entire franchise. He’s the one who should never have to put up with a girlfriend’s infidelity! Call me, Fizz…if you’re up for a Mrs. Robinson-type! 😉 

Despite their rocky past, Morgan and Teairra are trying to mend their friendship. Morgan doesn’t condone Teairra’s behavior towards Ray-J, but she also doesn’t want to be in the middle of it. She reasons with Teairra about her violent behavior, and the two women are happy to be moving forward. Morgan has also invited Masika over, and they both gossip about her relationship with Mally Mal before she arrives. Teairra is excited to focus on someone else’s drama for a change. Masika strolls up and starts in on how Mally’s ex Nikki is attacking her on social media. Morgan feels badly that both of her friends are being played by this dude. After all Nikki’s her friend too…although, not such a great friend that Morgan giggles while showing pictures of Nikki pre-nose job. Morgan has the brilliant plan to have both women join her for a relaxing massage before hashing out their differences. 

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Omarion is hoping that quality time with Momma Leslie will help soften her attitude towards Apryl. Leslie suffers from stress induced seizures, and she feels like people need to focus on the severity of her disorder. He broaches the subject of Apryl and how much Leslie hurt her feelings. Leslie didn’t mean to upset Apryl, but she is frustrated that her son is now not helping her as much because he has a new family to support. Omarion offers an olive branch in the form of a baby shower invitation, but Leslie still can’t promise to keep her mouth shut if something happens to rub her the wrong way.

Attending the ASCAP Awards, Berg is excited about his current career trajectory and the lady on his arm who isn’t Hazel. Sure he promised her he would be going solo, but what’s a guy to do? Perhaps he should have asked to see the guest list because Hazel is on it as well. She and Masika approach Berg and his clueless counterpart. The more Hazel chastises Berg, the more he cozies up to no-name, until Hazel can’t take  any more. She tosses her drink square in his face. Sometime soon, these events are going to need to ban all liquids and stemware. Berg is confused. He’s been nothing but honest. Hazel is confused. Her man is humiliating her with another woman. Is she watching the same show we are? 

Apryl is excited about her baby shower, but she is nervous about Leslie’s attendance. As she should be. Leslie comes in with passive aggressive guns blazing. Did Apryl borrow something from the Kim Kardashian Maternity Lingerie Kollection (you know there is one!)?? What is she wearing? When Leslie accuses Apryl of not being ready of being a mother because she’s not going to be willing to sacrifice for her baby. Omarion reminds both women that the baby shower isn’t the time or place for this discussion. Apryl is upset that Omarion doesn’t have her back more, but he really just wants to diffuse his mother’s mood. As Apryl storms off, Leslie comments that it’s behavior like this that makes her think that Apryl won’t be a good mom. This woman is Joyce 2.o.

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In a effort to appease Nia, Soulja Boy has put together a playpen, and he’s enjoying relaxing in it. Plus, as a bonus, he’s not having a house party. Nia questions what he plans to do on tour, and Nia reminds him that she saw how her father acted on tour when he was married. While Soulja doesn’t claim to be perfect, he can’t keep being compared to Nia’s father…although he’s certainly had his fair share of tour groupies as well.

Morgan has arranged her massage afternoon in an effort for Nikki and Masika to discuss what is going on with Mally. I’m sorry, I was wrong. It’s Nikki that is stealing from Kim Kardashian’s sheer maternity drawer. Nikki immediately outlines her very serious relationship with Mally. Masika responds that Mally claims that she’s his girlfriend, but at lease she seems a bit miffed that he is playing them both. Masika relinquishes any claim on the two-timer. Teairra reminds both women that they should really be focused on what an ass Mal has turned out to be. Who knew she’d ever be the voice of reason?!? When Nikki compares to Masika to a peasant, that’s when drinks are hurled and hair is pulled. Morgan escorts Nikki out of the party, as Masika tries to compose herself. This certainly isn’t over!

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